Thursday, March 22, 2012

Todays update

So rewind a few days! I had my first 10k Saturday, seriously after that I felt like  I was ran over by a truck!! My legs hurt so bad! So I took sun and Mon off! Now to Tuesday.... I walked the morning pushing my daughter which she lovvesss and now that its spring  we will be doing that A LOT depending on the weather! YAY! 
My 15 year old neighbor wanted to go for a run (remind you she ran Monday for the first time) she wanted to do what she says is 2 miles. So I figured I would get some miles in before I ran with her than would run to her house too, because I was thinking she would be slow and we wouldn't even get threw 2 miles...          PSSSHHH Hello 15 year olds CAN RUN! GEEZYAY for new runners who live next to me! booo that she would prolly beat me and I've been doing this for years! almost 9 miles total for Tues, when I only needed to do 3! YIPPY!

3 easy miles wed, and now its Thurs, my day off but walked the block in the morning, than my 4 friends and I had a play date with our kids...3 sets of twins, 3 two year olds, and a 10month old... WHAT WERE WE Thinking?!!

 Really it wasn't bad, we all played than ate than shopped. We just looked like a whole football team walking threw the mall! I realize its wayyy easier with my ONE! I give so much credit to mommies of more, or TWINS, even crazier I have three friends with twins!!  I tell them all the time, that I swear I'll have triplets or more just because they all had twins! Who would have thought!

5 weeks and 2 days until my Half Marathon!! REALLY? WOW, I just can't believe I'm doing it, I'm almost there!

Nothing more to say but....
I'm Whooooped out TIRED!

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