Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Do It!

Last week was good, I did some good miles through out the week finishing with 27 miles. I been doing longer warm up's and cool downs. about a mile each. Which I feel have been making me feel better, and back to what my normal was before training. I useally will have my days off tues or wed. and friday. Well last week I had wed and thurs. so I had to run friday which I don't like cus I have a long run on saturday. That just set me up for a lonnnnnngg long run. which I only had to do 8 miles but they were...horrible. I thought it would have been great because I had a sitter, didnt have to worry about my daughter waking up or anything...but nope.  I walked prolly 10 times, Just couldn't get with it.  We were going to be busy all day saturday, which I was excited for and thats all I was thinking about! so I  wake up early to get something to eat a couple hours before running, than started running about 10a.m. Started off fine did a mile warm up, ran and got past 4.5 miles than...blahhh. It was bad, but I finished the 8 miles walked a small cool down. and thats it!  Sometimes its not how you plan it to be, but the one thing I read from Hal Higdon is to never cheat yourself on your miles!

 I may have done it in double the time, but I did it, and that's all that matter's! Time on your feet is the main thing for training.

If you set out to have a "good day" and things don't click, try again another time. You cannot force a "good day."   After all, a bad day running  beats not being able to run at all! I am lucky to even be able to have a bad running day!

How do you get through your "bad day's" ?! Do you feel guilty after them, or just proud you tried?
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