Friday, March 9, 2012 it? or not? The hardest part

The begining is always the hardest.... True? Not?
I was thinking about this last night. I even have a quote posted on here, that I take back now. Really I don't think the begining is the hardest in this way that I look at it. (my opinion)

Begining: The time where your sooo motivated. Excited about starting this "New" thing. All Pumped! You start.. and of course feel great (who doesn't feel great after a workout or eating better?) Your body is begging for it, and rewarding you with this great feeling after you finish your first few days...understandable because you haven't been doing this for a while, so of course it felt great!

-Hardest part? NO! Its GREAT! This part might be a short time, but most people give up right about here... :(
but... maybe the very begining where you even think about changing, and actually try for a goal..but NAh, because most people are unhappy and want to change and think about it daily. But there is other's who NEED to change but could care less, so its not hard for them. hmm its a lot to think about! LOL

Middle: The time after the begining (duh) The time where you need to dig so deep, and continue! The time where you need look back and rememeber how GREAT you felt after a workout. The time you need to remind yourself daily of why you started the begining and what motivated you. Part where you  need to know that one bad day or off day is NOT going to ruin all your previous work (unless that is if you don't take each day as fresh start, and continue the bad day into days.) Take each day one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

-Hardest Part? I say SO! This part you really need to get past a lot!  Dig deep, remind yourself and KEEP GOING, YOU CAN DO IT!
:-)Oh no you don't.  Keep going!Never give up!

End/ Continuing it everyday (LIFESTYLE CHANGE) Maintain : The time where its just apart of life now. You feel that same feeling of greatness after every workout, that you don't want to miss one! Your body craves it just like in the begining, so that great feeling is why you continue! You understand each day is a new day! You completly get the good old nike saying, "Just Do It" You changed, you got there! You didn't settle! You might even set up another goal, which makes you go through each step over, but this time you know you can do anything you put your mind to!

-Hardest Part? I say it's Hard but rewarding.
 When it comes to weight, It's not easy maintaining but with this new mind set and with all the things you have learned you can get through anything! You learned to love this new way, and wouldn't go back! Time will go by and you realize some of the smallest things you changed and stuck with it for days, months even years! You find this great new confidence!

WOWZERS  to much thinking, but good points! Or at least I think so! BAHA

SO...Which ever part you are in, and no matter how big or small...I would say always celebrate any and all success! Celebrate every milestone you made! Even if you feel like its the smallest thing ever, be excited, it will help you get to the next step!
 Beware some people don't understand that these things are exciting and havn't got on board yet, and you might look like a crazy person, but OH WELL, You do you, and what make's you happy!  They might think your crazy now, but will so be jealous(inspired)  in the end!!

Believe in yourself, know you can do it. And make today...THAT DAY. No tommorrow's, no begining of the week! Look at the positive side, not "oh, I ate way over my calories today." change that and say "today I ate grapes instead of that big fat piece of cheesecake." Remind yourself of the good choice(s) you did make and the things you ARE doing good!

Repeat reading this post over and over, and know you cannnn doooo ittttt!
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okay im done :) LOL LOL

Which part are you in? Which part do you think is the hardest Part?
Comment below!

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  1. I am leaving the middle and closing in on the end, making it an everyday lifestyle! The middle is definitely hard and I agree you have to remember back to the beginning and the excitement. And usually it means you need to shake up your routine because if you are always just doing the same run/time/distance it will become very boring. Great insight and a reminder to hang in there until the end :)



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