Friday, April 27, 2012

expo..race tmrw!

OMG it's tomorrow!!!

So I went to the expo yesterday. This is my first big race, where they even have a expo! I didn't even know what a expo was until now! I guess really I learned a lot during this training about the whole running world! 

I was shocked at all the things they had for sale

And all the vendor's that were there, lot's of giveaways let's hope I win some!

Than I made it to the boards where you needed to find your name and remember your number to go pick up your packet. Well there was SOOOOO many names! I know I have a common last name, but at my other races I'm lucky if there is one more miller....NOT THIS ONE! A whole list of Miller's!

2460, my new lucky number! lol

 Oh yea so they told me that on the bottom of the bib is a free drink, slice of pizza, and a gear check in to drop all your stuff off and pick it back up after the race...but than I looked and it said Child check???? REally? races have child check like see ya later kids ill be gone for 2 hours? crazy!

 picked up my packet,  everything came in this cool bag. (all races I went to had like plastic grocery bags!) O and also the chip is on my bib number! different, I usually have a chip you put on your shoe!

cool fancy material shirt
So its offical, I'm all ready for the race!  Drowning myself in water and trying to rest up!!

a sneek peek of the Cutest spectator ever!!  This race is helping childhood obesity and promoting life-long fitness..So here is her sign for all the runners!  I do believe every runner inspires all the children in their lives!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week of my Half...Whats Next?!

Its Monday... The Week of my Very first Half Marathon! It's still crazy even saying the word marathon, and when its about me being in it! 17 weeks of training and following a plan and sticking to it, all for one day!

Although I'm super nervous of...parking, how early I need to get there, traffic with all these people being there, where my family should watch, what to eat before-during-after, if what I decided to wear will be to cold...EVERYTHING...I'm also thinking

What do I do after this?!

I know I'll be running a few 5k's here and there but, I want something more than just running! Maybe to give some different results than what running did for me....

So I'm looking for something that I could still do some runs, But want some kind of other exercise program to do inbetweeen. I have been considering doing 30 day shred, insanity, or some kick boxing dvd I saw....ahh no idea!  I just wouldn't do exactly what they tell me to do, cus I will want to add running into it! hmmm...

I think I'm going to combine jillians 30 day shred, 6week 6pack and running. We will see how this goes! But first HALF MARATHON BABY!! Lets hope this wind stays away!

HAPPY Birthday to my BFF Jamie today!!

Jamie and I this past weekend for her bday party!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baked cheese stixs!

Some of my Fav pics from over the weekend! (well last weekend, but for some reason it didnt! yea prolly my fault!)

awwww! Testing out how to do one of those cool shadow pics! I ended up taking what seems to be ten other couples pictures, until I decided I wanted one of me and my hubby!
 My daughter and her kite! I love how the dog is watching her as always! My babysitter is my dog (and I'm not kidding, I know Shes good when he's outside with her!)
But I guess my babysitter can't get the kite outta the tree for her! HAHAHA

just a random one of egg hunting, but I just find it funny that my hubby always had to carry the baby doll! I swear I have more pics of him either holding, sleeping with or having to dress the baby doll than I do of my daughter with it! tehehehe

Ok, On to yet another good snack idea! Dang I'm just going crazy with the new things I'm trying!

Ok these are a "healthier" way of doing fried cheese sticks!

String cheese, Bread Crumbs (any kind), and an egg with tiny bit of milk! Thats it!

I have no idea why this picture is sideways! sorry lol

Dip the cheese in the egg, than into the crumbs, than on the pan! Bake for about 10mins until you see them all nice and melted! oooo yumm!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easy Easter snack Recipes!

I Finished my Jelly Bean Races! 5k, 10k and Half all this week! Lets hope I win some great prizes now!

Woke up early made some yummy foods for a BBQ later, than Ran my Half....I Did awesome, I'm so glad and I know now that I'm ready for my race in 3 weeks! Yay!

Here is my yummy foods!

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon n Sugar chips!

Cut Kiwi, Strawberries, Fuji Apples ( can also add any other berries if you have them) and 3 tbsp of any kind of preserves (i used orange marmalade) You can also add sugar if you like. Than Cut up some tortilla shells into triangles spray with butter flavor cooking spray on both sides. Put into a large bag of cinnamon and sugar (You can use no cal sweetener too) Shake it to coat the chips, lay them onto a cookie sheet, than bake in the oven until crispy!  LOL I never really measure anything or have times, I just kinda mix what I think is good. Not so great when it comes to someone trying to let you guys know exactly how to make it, lol Sorry!!!

I learn I never make a recipe the same ever! Like any..EVER!  I am always adding something to it the next time or changing things up! If its anything with meat, I'm always adding mushrooms to it or anything to make it more spicy! So I never follow a recipe, I just kinda do it and change it to what My family would like. I also have a super picky Husband so have to come up with things for him, which can be hard! But add cheese to it and he loves it! (so does my daughter!)

SO made this Great super healthy snack....than yea Had to make something not so healthy...


I used Dark chocolate chips, and White chocolate chips! The trick is adding some shortening about a tbsp to half the bag of chips, microwave in a bowl, and take out every 10 - 15 seconds (very important to not burn it)  stirring it until its creamy, than dip the strawberries! Simple

Hope your having a great Easter!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


So this week I know I mentioned is

 I signed up for the 5k and 10, Than I realized that this weekend I have to do 12 miles so I'll just warm up for .5 and cool down for .6 and I can race in the 13.1 Half marathon also! :) 3 virtual races within a  week! Never in a million years did I think I would even think to do that, or be able to!

I did my 10k Sunday, the first day of the jelly bean.  Tuesday did my 5k and Saturday Ill be doing the half. I kept it simple and low today I did .5 warm up and .5 cool down and a 2mile run. I never really do 2 miles ,but I need to save all my running for Saturday...Which will be my longest run to date!

My lil love and I went to McD's where my cousin had a lil get together n some cupcakes for her sons Bday
And also had foam decorating Eggs for Easter!

Than we went to my Aunt and uncles house after for some pony rides!

This pic taken right after the Horse bucked with me on it! AH! Yup such a cowgirl...NOT but I do LOVE my cowgirl boots (should have worn them today to give a real cowgirl look) so I'd say I'm a "country" girl....but For sure not a pro with the horseback riding lol, although I'd love to look real fancy with my boots and riding really fast and roping cows but one can only dream!
  And Finished the day playing with the Easter bunny!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I win, YOU win!




April FOOLS!
Oh wait, I did win $7 WOot wooot!

But I do have the winner of the Glambandz....

Amanda!   Why does she want to try a glambandz???

"I'd love to try them because I am currently wearing the rubbery/no slip kind from the store and they are by far, NOT my favorite. Especially when I get that sling shot feeling and realize its no longer on my head lol plus, who doesn't want to look good while running?!"

Please contact me Amanda!! 

Thanks everyone for participating in my first Giveaway, And also following my blog! Also A big Thank you to Jamie the maker of Glambandz ! If you haven't already go check out all her style bandz!  Here is a few pretty awesome ones!
Womens athletic work-out exercise NO-slip headband -1'' Dark Pink Zebra -Perfect Stocking stufferWomens athletic work-out exercise NO-slip headband -1'' Silver SparkleWomens athletic workout exercise NO-slip headband -1'' brown cheetah print-Perfect Stocking stuffer