Monday, May 21, 2012

Packed last 4 days!

Phhhewww I finally can take a deep breath again! I've been so busy and rushed around it seems the last few days! or week!

Took my little love to the park Thurs and Friday! Spoiled!
Than Saturday she went to Nana's and Grandpa's for the whole  day while I went to a relay for life walk, and a jewelry party later!  All while My hubby was at a benefit, and won her all kinds of presents! WAY SPOILED!

  Austyn & Turbo being a princess! With her new stuff!

Picked her up Sunday for our Sunday BBQ, Our neighbors have a pool, so she got to swim ALL DAY, seriously all day, She wouldn't get out! She might just be part fish, Part BRAT and SUPER SPOILED!  
Pretty much got fried and look like a tomato again for the second weekend in a row! Maybe Ill be tan soon?
 Riding in a bikini, let alone be in a bikini all day.... not really something I'd do, But thank goodness my friends don't judge! HAHA or they might but hey they can BITE ME! haha I have all kinds of stretchmarks but I'm just at the point of if you don't like how I look, DONT LOOK! lol!  I need a tan, so ill be sporting my itty bitty bikini every hot day!  My hubby and daughter love me even if it does look like I got into it with a tiger, and my skin wrinkles...that's all I care about!

 Than Again today, took her back swimming! really we just floated around on a raft, and the sun kept hiding making us cold, so we went back home :(

30 day challenge!!

I am on day 17? I did 15 days straight (half way) than took a day off, Saturday the day of the walk. I'm so glad because my foot (from hurting it at my half) feels WAY BETTER! I can finally walk on my heel and not just my toes! I have lost 4 pounds, which is like normal because I gained 4 the week after the half just from not watching what I eat. So I lost that right away. My muscles are way better, and I work so much more than what running does. I can't wait still to add some running in though and get some better results, I just might do another 30 days after these and start adding running!

Austyn doing the cool down! HA!
By the looks of it, I need to do my once a year daily vacuum of the carpet before we workout!

Our photo shoot after one of the workouts..sweaty n sexY!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Sexy momma's day!!

Happy Mother's day to all the Sexy Momma's, Grandma's and Mommies-To-Be!!!!
Everyday is MILF day!

Today I woke up to Breakfast in bed, and some sweet cards from my two loves!

Rewind to yesterday...
When I ran my race I got a $20 off a hour Yesterday My BFF "M" and I went..ahhh yes it was nice and much needed. It was the first massage I got, where every single muscle in my body hurts so it felt wonderful!  Also I love time with my BFF, I hope that everyone has a friend like mine. We share the same interest about health and could talk all day about it (which is like my fav thing to talk about! And my other friends think I'm  nuts, or don't get any of it!) We have so much in common, think alike about everything, and I feel we have a perfect "two way street" friendship!  My hubby and M  seriously are my biggest supporters and encourager's! O a lil secret- My hubby also told me that while I was running my half, He was sitting down eating with my fan's (you can see them all here) and all M could talk about it how proud she is of me and kept talking me up to everyone!!! He said I really do have a great Best friend!

 It really is a day I'll never forget and I'm so thankful for such great people in my life, that really knew what was so important to me!

ok ok SOOO with a great BFF day, Back home it was Daddy daughter day, and when I got home, of course She can't hide anything, and first thing she says is We got you a present momma! lol Which is what Austyn says to Him when her and I make him a fun craft or something when he comes home from work! But she was suppose to hide it for today! lol oh well she did and I woke up to a super cute card that she picked and one that hubby picked!

Of course she picked puppies! He said she also wanted to get me dolls! (smart girl so really she is getting the present!)

Here is the Hubby's card... This is so cute, if you knew my hubby, he's not the greatest at spelling and writing, but he said he looked for the perfect quote online! Hehehe love it!  True love is the color that never fades!

And than she made me a cake! Yes its moon sand with a marker cap as a candle with some toy in it! LOVE IT! It the little presents that mean so much more than anyone could buy!!

Its day 10 of 30 in my 30 day challenge! Off to do my workout and than the weekly Sunday BBQ! Have a great day everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

day5:30 day challenge

Well I made it to day 5 of my 30 day challenge! So far so good, today is the first day I'm not dying sore! Thank goooddness!! Still feel all these muscles I've never really worked before, so its a nice change from just running! (although I miss it so much and wish my stupid foot would let me run!)

I will have to do a whole page review about it when I finish, but the first day I did both 6week6pack and 30 day shred, than for the four days after, I just rotated the two DVDs doing only one a day. Today I did 6w6p! Tmrw I might do both again!  I like them. I think mostly because I just wake up and do them! With running I always had to wait for my daughter to take a nap, so it was on her time not mine! I got out her moon sand and put it in a deep pan and she's been playing with that everytime I work out! Works great!

So yea! Woohoo! I wish I could be doing some running along with it to get really really good results, but I rather rest it than break it!! So I'll suffer for a little while longer. I just know that when I don't run, (for ever a little bit) It seems I lose lose my pace time, and start all over from where I was over a year ago and could only run 2 mins straight, to now running over 2 hours, each day is like a ticking bomb backwards..ughh!

moving on, so today I have been addicted to instagram for some pictures! I love how easy it is to make a picture look awesome! I want a computer program like that, that is fast and not much work, and free!   Here is my finish with some fancy coloring!  This needs to be in a magazine! Seriously how cute are they?
  At her lil cousin 1st bday party this weekend!

 yeehaw! Love our cowgirl boots, Mine are the middle ones!

Friday, May 4, 2012

30 day challenge day 1

My race day picture...HAHAHA!

click here  for my race recap!

Today I am finally feeling recovered from my race Saturday! I was limping all around the day of and day after, ugghh! But Hey I finished one goal and now starting another challenge! For some reason I always have to give myself something to do, not just do normal workout's with no end or finish or goal.

So my goal is to finish 30 days of workouts challenge!

So I got the 30 day shred, and I'll mix that with 6 week 6pack, and also with some running, and maybe a few days of yoga and a zumba class (more about the yoga below)  

I took measurements and pictures that hopefully if they are awesome results like they say you'll get Ill post them with after shots at the end!

Today was day I, I might have over did it because I was dying to get back into doing something with 5 days off of nothing but bad eating and no workouts!

I did BOTH 6w6p and 30DS! It was a lot different than running, while running I don't get my heart rate up to that point I guess? I don't know just running to me is easier than this, but it wasn't to outta control where I didn't feel like I'd do another day! Also Jillian can get annoying (which I read in reviews) So I just had music on also!

And Its great because I did it while my daughter was up! I always ran while she was sleeping, but I'll be able to get these done anytime I want! Great start so far....let's hope it lasts and I get better at it! (I can't even do a push up so maybe at the end I will be able to! HAHAHA)

Oh yea yoga DVD.... I thought yoga meant like getting to relax and clear you mind... well that DVD SUCKED, it was so hard! I couldn't finish some moves, and after one day I didn't wanna do another day! I didn't want hard work, I wanted it for my days off to do a little something.. So maybe I wanted a stretching DVD? HAHA I love stretching and it doesn't feel like WORK!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well I did it!! I may have not won, but I did cross the same finish line as the winner!!!

They had two heats. first was if you finish before 2 hours, second one if you do after two hours. So first heat was off, than there I was waiting for the second to go! AHH! It was freezing! I had two layers of throw-away zipper coats...Very attractive..NOT!  unsure of what I'm doing but hey!
       and than I was off! I tried pacing myself with this group of people who talked the whole time, so I pretty much was their stalker right behind them listening and smiling at everything they said, but than I knew I could go faster so I passed them. Than I really didn't run with anyone, sorta boring..wish I had my phone to take pictures, or text my friends who were waiting at the finish line, something!  At a few moments I kept telling myself WOW I'm doing it..than wanted to cry! LOL waa waa I'm a baby, but I'm so proud of myself!

O but I did pass people at mile two who were seriously sounded like they were dying! Breathing so hard I couldn't believe it! They had 11 more miles of hard breathing like that?? No thanks!

Than kept passing this one lady who blew snot rockets out without even looking back to make sure no one was behind her!! We kept passing each other like 10 times before I just couldn't take that anymore and stayed in front of her..eww!

Than passed another girl who was bawling the whole time! Crying and crying and everyone would ask if shes ok and she said nothing, just ran and cried...very ODD!

I kept yelling out to people to see what time it was so I would know if I was even on any kind of good pace. I had a goal of running it under 2 hours 30 mins, but I knew I'd prolly be around 2:15 and than ultimate goal of under 2:10...(which would be a speed of 6mph treadmill) I hit mile 7 at 1hr 7mins which was faster than 6mph, but than I knew this is where I'd prolly slow down rather than speed up so I was happy! I got to mile 10, than turned on my music...only a 5k left! Which the whole course was flat...until now,  the worst time to have hills! 

I turned a corner, and There it was the FINISH!!!!  by this time my knee's were hurting, and my left foot, but to my surprise, I really wasn't huffing and puffing, I breathed normal the whole time!

 I took my one jacket off around mile three, and Never needed to take the second one off.  

Years of exercise, 50+ pounds off, and 17 weeks of hard training.... I DID IT!
Finishing time of 2 hours 8 mins 29 seconds!!!!

My friend met me at the finish and I got all choked up! took one deep breath of trying not to cry...than I was all good! The most Amazing feeling knowing if you really put your mind to something you can do it!!!
 My fans waiting for me!



My hubby and I!

Standing there was great....Now when I tried walking back to our jeep...Yup EVERYTHING hurt! That whole day I was limping, knees felt bruised..but all worth it!!