Tuesday, May 8, 2012

day5:30 day challenge

Well I made it to day 5 of my 30 day challenge! So far so good, today is the first day I'm not dying sore! Thank goooddness!! Still feel all these muscles I've never really worked before, so its a nice change from just running! (although I miss it so much and wish my stupid foot would let me run!)

I will have to do a whole page review about it when I finish, but the first day I did both 6week6pack and 30 day shred, than for the four days after, I just rotated the two DVDs doing only one a day. Today I did 6w6p! Tmrw I might do both again!  I like them. I think mostly because I just wake up and do them! With running I always had to wait for my daughter to take a nap, so it was on her time not mine! I got out her moon sand and put it in a deep pan and she's been playing with that everytime I work out! Works great!

So yea! Woohoo! I wish I could be doing some running along with it to get really really good results, but I rather rest it than break it!! So I'll suffer for a little while longer. I just know that when I don't run, (for ever a little bit) It seems I lose it...like lose my pace time, and start all over from where I was over a year ago and could only run 2 mins straight, to now running over 2 hours, each day is like a ticking bomb backwards..ughh!

moving on, so today I have been addicted to instagram for some pictures! I love how easy it is to make a picture look awesome! I want a computer program like that, that is fast and not much work, and free!   Here is my finish with some fancy coloring!  This needs to be in a magazine! Seriously how cute are they?
  At her lil cousin 1st bday party this weekend!

 yeehaw! Love our cowgirl boots, Mine are the middle ones!

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