Wednesday, July 25, 2012

cucumber salad n Intervals

Ill start off with a yummy fresh treat

Its just cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese and a little blob of Greek yogurt ( I also added some spices I have from tastefully simple, the garlic and tomato pesto.)  mix chill for a bit and enjoy! You can check out some of my other recipes here or just look at the top of my page! :)

Biking with my love!

Who Say's you cant fit a bike and trailer in a jeep? LOL! My lil love and I went for a 7 mile bike ride Sunday, which was WONDERFUL! May I add that a paved trail is 100X better than gravel hill roads! WOW!
Crazy thing I had to slam on the breaks and let a skunk cross the path! All I was thinking was oh goodness were getting nope it just ran across and on its way!
I hope skunks mean good luck!

Mon, Tue, and today, I have been getting my butt on that stinkin treadmill!

Good news: My foot is completely better, I don't have any ounce of pain or even feel where it was hurting! YAY!

 Bad news: I just can't even get to 3 miles straight without being bored outta my mind! SO I have been resorting to intervals!  Intervals keep my mind busy thinking about what I have to do next rather than just plain run for what seems like  forever. lol

Here is what I did, so you may be able to follow if you want something a little changed up, or if your Bored outta your mind! :)   Remember you can change the speed/time to what suits your level.

.5 walk warm up
 3miles of distance Intervals:   .5@6mph, .1@ 4.0mph , .4@6.5mph, .1@4.0mph, .3@7mph, .1@4mph, than repeat 1 more time!

Tues: 1mile walk 4.0 warm up, than I lost my brain and have no idea what I did and I forgot to write it down but I know I did only 2miles of intervals and than followed with 1mi cool down walk 4.0mph

Wed: I followed this time intervals that I found on Only thing I changed was the first one I did at 4.0mph. and walked a little extra at the end to hit 3.5 miles. following this it was just shy of 3.5 mile


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monster Birthday Party

Austyn turned 3!

7/7 is a lucky day for us, as we got married on 7/7/7 and had our daughter on 7/7/09! So saturday we celebrated our anniversary and Austyn's 3rd birthday at her Monster Party!!

When  she wanted a Monster Party, I kinda got excited! I get to work my crafty side a little and make some fun monster's!

let me tell you..I'm CHEAP! SO I rather spend more time making things than spending boooko bucks on buying everything!

I made her shirt ^^up above! and also her green fuzzy monster hair clip!   I also made the cake and cupcake's!

I forgot to take pics at the party...ergg, but this was the Monster watermellon I filled with fruit salad!

 I made homemade play dough, and made monster cups! For the really little kids I put rice cakes in the monster cups!

I also gave them these little packages it says:

Thanks for coming to my monster party "eye" hope you had fun!
Create your own monster with
Austyn's homemade monster dough!
2- kool aid packets
1 cup flour
1/2  cup salt
2 TBSP oil
1 Cup boiling water

Add boiling water to top four ingredients, MIX!

Inside had googly eyes, beads for teeth, and pipe cleaners for arms and legs, for them to make there own monster outta the dough!!!
Along with the favor's I gave them plastic green plates to make the monster on, I couldn't find cheap place mats so cheap plates did the trick!

I put the forks in this Kleenex box made into a monster and the spoons in monster cups!

My husband got to the park at 5:30 to make sure we were able to get a pavilion. Last year it was PACKED because its around the 4th and people were there at 4am! Crazy but of course this year no one was there! Austyn and I got there about 9 and she was playing the entire time! so needless to say she was TIRED, HOT, DIrty, and all sweaty by the time to open presents!

                                                                             and we slept as soon as we got home!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HAppy 4th!!

I hope you all are having a great 4th!
Lucky us we have a friend who sells fireworks and got us a great deal! So we set them off last night and they were amazing! Best home firework show I have seen!

 I was trying every setting on my camera to try and get some good pics!

 My lil love making her first smore!


It day 4 of the Ab challenge on youtube!  It a rest day but she still has tips to watch today!  If you havn't already started go check it out! AB CHALLENGE  I'm not kidding when I say its HARD! Just do your best and do as many as you can, Don't get yourself down if you can't do all the reps or each round!

Than check out RunToTheFinish on facebook who has over 300 people doing the challenge along with me this month!