Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New shoes & Cookies!

I have been running on the same shoes for....... who knows well over the 300 miles they say you should put on your shoes! I can't believe my big toe hasn't came out or anything yet like these
 ( LOL- NO these are not mine! )

                                                  So got me some stylin new brights!

♥ ♥ THEM! The first time I wore my old shoes I got blisters on like the side of my heel, most odd place ever! These babies...NOTHING, wore them 6 miles sat, 6 miles mon, and today another 6 miles...still nothing! Nice light feel and i feel the breeze threw them and the outside is all flexable material too not stiff.   
although they are much thinner on the bottom, I feel the ground treadmill more and my foot is more angled down rather than old shoes my heel was more down (maybe due to wearing them for so long lol)

Oh well, new shoes just make you think you do better!! Just like a new outfit!

Today I also made cookies!

Fool Yourself Cookies

 1/2 banana mashed with fork (or 1/4 cup S F applesauce) (i used banana which gives funny looking corn look in the cookies)
1/3 cup quick oatmeal
1 Tablespoon peanut butter
1 package sugar free/fat free hot cocoa mix
1/4 teaspoon baking powder

Mix together bake 350 10 mins!

They were good!! Looks like no bake cookies, but they say this makes 6, well yea unless you want pea size cookies this only makes 4!

Calories of these are 70! Not bad, about the same as a oreo, but if your a PB lover like me, these are better! My daughter had two and so did I!

 Give them a try!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

and now...

My first post was about my journey, so since than...

Running :
I have raced in 7 5ks - all for small town's that are around my area.

 1- 5k in memory of Jennifer (A girl who passed at a young age- Her mom set up a small town race starting at their house) 

 1- 8mi Virtual Race for Sherry Arnold (Runner who came up missing after her run)

                                       Here I am with my daughter and Friend at
                                          Yale Bologna 5k PR'ed with 28:37

                                                    Daughter and I in Emmett 5k

                                                        Jingle Bell Run!

                                       YAY! I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST MEDAL!
                                                 although I didn't PR :(    (28:49)
                                                      3rd in my age group!

I am currently training for my first Half Marathon! I am on week 9 of 17! I had my longest run to date this last saturday with DOUBLE DIGITS! 10 Miles! Never did I think I could/would do that! 

I also have my first 10k coming up on the 17th!
 -YMCA leprechaun Loop

Weight :

I'm counting calories now to keep track of food while training, I'm using  I would tell everyone to count calories! Once you do you will learn so much about what you may do wrong! I could go on forever about what I did wrong (maybe on another post)

Although I had hit my goal weight and was happy. I just figured that I'd probably lose weight with training....yeaaaa no the first two months I gained! But than all of a sudden 5lbs feel off! I am 4lbs away from my ultimate goal! (which is my weight of when I first met my hubby!)  Than I'm happy.. no more weight loss for me, just maintaining and enjoying summer time being more comforable with myself!

Monday, February 27, 2012

rewind into the past, and where my journey began!

I started this whole "running" thing because I needed to lose weight! While I was pregnant I gained normal amount of weight, about 34 lbs.  The bad thing,  I was at my heaviest when I found out I was pregnant! So after giving birth, I wasn't like most people and just kept droping weight, I lost about 15-18 pounds that day and nothing more as the weeks kept coming! So I was Way at my heaviest point! 3 months later, still heavy...4...5months  YUP still heavy and wearing maternity pants! Nothing lost, I had to do something! 

Here we are with our new Love! (wow I look rough)  
and here we are after...ew

So I started running also counting calories! Dropped over 25 lbs, Ran my first 5k in June of 2010!  

This would be my first 5k, Im in the pink #11....Oh so happy to start, I have no idea yet that my breathing is going to suck...we will be running on small gravel (which felt like quick sand)...and ill be sweating so bad because the heat was awful!

but...I FINISHED! Greatest feeling ever... (35:44)
this is My best friend, my daughter and Me! After our first race!

Than gave up a little, enjoyed the summer, gained 10lbs back than started again in Dec of 2010... 
lost those 10lbs + another 25lbs totaling 50 lbs lost! Ever since I started back up, I havn't stopped! I'v worked out every week for over a year now (minus one week which was between two races) and also kept my weight!

Here I am after! :)  (Summer 2011)