Tuesday, February 28, 2012

and now...

My first post was about my journey, so since than...

Running :
I have raced in 7 5ks - all for small town's that are around my area.

 1- 5k in memory of Jennifer (A girl who passed at a young age- Her mom set up a small town race starting at their house) 

 1- 8mi Virtual Race for Sherry Arnold (Runner who came up missing after her run)

                                       Here I am with my daughter and Friend at
                                          Yale Bologna 5k PR'ed with 28:37

                                                    Daughter and I in Emmett 5k

                                                        Jingle Bell Run!

                                       YAY! I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST MEDAL!
                                                 although I didn't PR :(    (28:49)
                                                      3rd in my age group!

I am currently training for my first Half Marathon! I am on week 9 of 17! I had my longest run to date this last saturday with DOUBLE DIGITS! 10 Miles! Never did I think I could/would do that!


I also have my first 10k coming up on the 17th!
 -YMCA leprechaun Loop

Weight :

I'm counting calories now to keep track of food while training, I'm using http://www.myfitnesspal.com/  I would tell everyone to count calories! Once you do you will learn so much about what you may do wrong! I could go on forever about what I did wrong (maybe on another post)

Although I had hit my goal weight and was happy. I just figured that I'd probably lose weight with training....yeaaaa no the first two months I gained! But than all of a sudden 5lbs feel off! I am 4lbs away from my ultimate goal! (which is my weight of when I first met my hubby!)  Than I'm happy.. no more weight loss for me, just maintaining and enjoying summer time being more comforable with myself!

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