Monday, February 27, 2012

rewind into the past, and where my journey began!

I started this whole "running" thing because I needed to lose weight! While I was pregnant I gained normal amount of weight, about 34 lbs.  The bad thing,  I was at my heaviest when I found out I was pregnant! So after giving birth, I wasn't like most people and just kept droping weight, I lost about 15-18 pounds that day and nothing more as the weeks kept coming! So I was Way at my heaviest point! 3 months later, still heavy...4...5months  YUP still heavy and wearing maternity pants! Nothing lost, I had to do something! 

Here we are with our new Love! (wow I look rough)  
and here we are after...ew

So I started running also counting calories! Dropped over 25 lbs, Ran my first 5k in June of 2010!  

This would be my first 5k, Im in the pink #11....Oh so happy to start, I have no idea yet that my breathing is going to suck...we will be running on small gravel (which felt like quick sand)...and ill be sweating so bad because the heat was awful!

but...I FINISHED! Greatest feeling ever... (35:44)
this is My best friend, my daughter and Me! After our first race!

Than gave up a little, enjoyed the summer, gained 10lbs back than started again in Dec of 2010... 
lost those 10lbs + another 25lbs totaling 50 lbs lost! Ever since I started back up, I havn't stopped! I'v worked out every week for over a year now (minus one week which was between two races) and also kept my weight!

Here I am after! :)  (Summer 2011)

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