Sunday, December 23, 2012

Count down

Days and Days of being so busy its CRRAAZZZYY!

Here we are 2 days (1 full day and a couple hours AHH) Until Christmas! I am excited to have these last few stressful days over with and now on to the big day!

This year I have been beyond excited for my little love! She is excited and keeps saying the elf's are making her pom pom princess scooter! (yes she is exact on what she wants!)  Also every morning she wakes up to see where "Bell" is her Elf on the Shelf  and if her scooter is by the tree! LOL

She loves Santa, and really has enjoyed everything Christmas related this year!
And has been so good! She will do anything to not be on the naughty list, Oh it works so good! What will I do the rest of the year?! LOL

Also we are 20 Day's away from the

Woohoo! I'm so excited but also have been so busy I haven't had time to run in a few days which is no good!

This will be my first Hot coco race, and I my first January race! I'm a little worried  on what to wear, but I have ran the Jingle bell run and also leprechaun loop in the cold so I hope I'll be OK with the really cold weather!

Check out those shirts too! Nice!

 From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A "skinny" day

Last night I a quick reminder That in fact I'm going in the right direction or staying either one! If PRing this weekend at the jingle bell run didn't give me some great confidence, this sure did.

Forget the scale....Just try on your old prom dress!   

Really my daughter wanted to play princess so that would be why the prom dress got busted out last night, but it was a good reality check, and in fact it just might have fit better than it once did. Need to just keep that thing out and try on every so often!


 Than after my workout for some big headed reason I looked into the mirror and holy moly I saw some shape in my arms.....I tend to have big fat arms, so to finally getting some muscle shape in there a tiny bit is awesome!
I had a "skinny" day....lets hope a fat feeling day doesn't come anytime soon! lol
~Do you still have your prom dress?
~Tell me about your "skinny" day?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

PR & 1st!

It's Christmas time, and I just love it!

Jingle Bell 5k was yesterday and I just thought it would be a fun one where we dress up and I do an OK job.... I know I have been doing around 30-31 mins on the treadmill but for some reason I do better outside so figured I'd get 29-30

Got lined up and my friends and I always repeat "why o why do we do this to ourselves, oh man, oh man, well here we go" hahaha That would be exactly what we say each and every start to every race!

I had a lady in front of me who I paced myself with the first 2 miles and than I was slacking behind so  I went really fast and caught up to her than slowed down for a bit again. She stayed right in front of me the entire time and I crossed the line seeing 26:53! I about died!!!!

Chip time of 26:42 I got a PR! Last year I did it in 28:40 something which was when I started Half Training so thought I would for sure not get that this year...well I guess I did and beyond!

GO ME! lol  1st Place in my age too!

Photo: 1st  place in my age group!!! Time of 26:53!!!! woohoooooo!

After the race I volunteered at The Festival of Tree's, They needed more volunteers so after switching a few times I ended up doing this....

 Yes that's me right behind my daughter! HAAAAAA oh boy, never did I think I'd be in costume, but really it was so fun! I would love to do that all the time! When can you make a fool of yourself and not one person knows who you are!

I had a lot of fun volunteering and than walked around and did some fun stuff with my lil love!

Not to mention we Adopted our Elf on the shelf too...WOw it was a busy day!

   Welcome "Bell" our  new addition, Full of magic and ready to watch my lil love be a good girl and report it to Santa!

So after racing, than Festival for hours, shopping and than had to grocery shop while I was out in the city...Today my body HURTS! Everything oh goodness! Couldn't sleep ugghhh! So bring on a lazy day, than back at some more running cus the Hot COCO run is coming up in Jan where you get a super sweet nike half zip hoodie thing! YAY!

Have a good weekend, and I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday month! I am loving it! Christmas spirit is in full force in this house hold!!!!!!