Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A "skinny" day

Last night I a quick reminder That in fact I'm going in the right direction or staying either one! If PRing this weekend at the jingle bell run didn't give me some great confidence, this sure did.

Forget the scale....Just try on your old prom dress!   

Really my daughter wanted to play princess so that would be why the prom dress got busted out last night, but it was a good reality check, and in fact it just might have fit better than it once did. Need to just keep that thing out and try on every so often!


 Than after my workout for some big headed reason I looked into the mirror and holy moly I saw some shape in my arms.....I tend to have big fat arms, so to finally getting some muscle shape in there a tiny bit is awesome!
I had a "skinny" day....lets hope a fat feeling day doesn't come anytime soon! lol
~Do you still have your prom dress?
~Tell me about your "skinny" day?

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