Friday, March 30, 2012


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Next week is the week of
  from blogger jess

What's a virtual race? A virtual race is running a specified distance (timed) without being present in the actual race location. and can I add FREE!

DATE: Anytime during Easter week, April 1-8, 2012 (Sunday-to-Sunday)
LOCATION: Choose the event that works best for your current fitness level.Pick your favorite local route or just hop on a treadmill.EVENTS:
- Run 5K (3.1 miles)
- Run 10K (6.2 miles)
- Run Half-Marathon (13.1 miles)
- Bike 21K (13 miles)You may participate in more than one event. Earn 1 point for each event completed.

You earn points which get you into a drawing for prizes! yes PRIZES! YOU CAN WIN STUFF! Who doesn’t like to win? Good prizes too, go check it out!!

Click  Here for more info and to sign up!   

This will be my second Virtual Race, and I signed up for both the 5k and 10k!     

  Speaking of Jelly beans, WHICH ARE MY FAV. (the starburst kind) and may I add its been FOREVER since I had them...errggg! I'll talk about FUEL! Yes candy as fuel...mmm one reason I run long distance, you get to eat candy! 
Whether you’re a professional athlete who trains for several hours or you have a low to moderate routine, keep your body hydrated with small, frequent sips of water.
You don’t need to eat during a workout that’s an hour or less. But, for longer, high intensity vigorous workouts, eat 50-100 calories every half hour of carbohydrates such as raisins, an energy bar or banana.
(or be cool like most runners and choose candy :) )

 When I say fuel, I mean to fuel your body during your run!  
 I have never fueled before, or even drank water during exercise or running. But now that I am running longer than ever before...I need/have to! I also after a run of 6 or more miles get super sick and weak. So I have no choice but to try different things to see what works for me. 

        SkinnyRunner and started off with Swedish Fish. She runs all the time crazy distances... marathons almost every weekend and just amazing what she can do, so I thought who better than to copy! Never have I ever even ate Swedish fish...but ooo yumm they're good and also the cheapest! I don't get sick after when I fuel with them, so A+!

Shot blocks, honey stingers, and sport beans.the sport beans were my favorite! Also I like that the honey stingers are all natural. Shot blocks are big gummy squares, I think I'd be picking my teeth the whole race (which might get my mind off things?) but who knows!! Everyone has to find what works for them and what doesn't. I heard of all kinds of different things to try but these are my favorite!

If you could eat a whole bunch of any candy and never see weight change from it, or health issues... What would it be?!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yummy Idea's

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I got some new yummy idea's that I just came across this week.

Greek Yogurt - Never tried it before but have been hearing everyone talk about it, so I had too. First thing I realize is it DOES NOT taste like yogurt! Its exactly like sour cream! (at least the plain is)So I tried it on taco's Super yummy! Made a layered taco dip with it - VERY yummy! Those are pretty normal just replace the sour cream with it.

 I also made guacamole with it! SO here is my guacamole!

1/2 container of green nonfat yogurt.
 (I used oikos, plain.  The whole container is only 80 cals, compared to mayo 100 cals for just a tablespoon. )
1/2 tablespoon of guac mix. seasoning.
(I never use the whole packet because I love avocado and don't want it over powering the taste. I just save the rest for another time)

The Laughing Cow Cinnamon cream cheese -
This really is so yummy! Its very creamy and easy to spread. 1 wedge (which is a perfect amount) is only 45 cals and when you pair it with Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins its a total of 155 cals! Not bad at all!

Friday, March 23, 2012

people are watching you

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 On my personal facebook page, I have seen a few of my friends who post their runs. With a nike+ or other running apps. I have never been one to need people cheering me on to continue or help me with what I'm doing. I run and make healthier eating habits because I know it makes me happy, It makes me feel good and I just do it.  But after talking with my Bff, and her wanting to see my runs,  I searched for something to do just that. Something that I also could keep track and be able to look back and see what I did. I ended up finding !  When I log my runs/workouts, it posts to my Facebook page and blog. (love it, its like facebook but with all runners in your own area)
Now after, I am so glad that I started to shared it with my friends, dailymile friends and my blog followers. I now have people asking me running question! I have others telling me such great things that I have helped them with and got them motivated again.  Than there is some that never said anything but I see that they are getting back into running/working out!  I don't want to take the credit for it, but it wont hurt to hope that I helped in someway!
Its great seeing more and more people making healthier decisions! This is more than I expected, and I'm so thankful to help other's by just being me and doing what I love!
 So to the other people who think I'm crazy, who HATE seeing all my posts, and having my runs blowing up their news feed...TO BAD! There may be that ONE person reading and deciding to change their life too, and they may need that motivation from somewhere to get them where they want. Amazing, I love it!  I sure hope to make an impression and get more motivated!

So even if its the smallest thing you do or biggest...and to who ever it may be, from  it being the neighbor you always run by, your family or your friends on facebook...
 people are watching you everyday, don't ever think you don't make an impression!

FYI- They're watching you doing this too....sooo...I'd say look around before attempting to dig for gold!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Todays update

So rewind a few days! I had my first 10k Saturday, seriously after that I felt like  I was ran over by a truck!! My legs hurt so bad! So I took sun and Mon off! Now to Tuesday.... I walked the morning pushing my daughter which she lovvesss and now that its spring  we will be doing that A LOT depending on the weather! YAY! 
My 15 year old neighbor wanted to go for a run (remind you she ran Monday for the first time) she wanted to do what she says is 2 miles. So I figured I would get some miles in before I ran with her than would run to her house too, because I was thinking she would be slow and we wouldn't even get threw 2 miles...          PSSSHHH Hello 15 year olds CAN RUN! GEEZYAY for new runners who live next to me! booo that she would prolly beat me and I've been doing this for years! almost 9 miles total for Tues, when I only needed to do 3! YIPPY!

3 easy miles wed, and now its Thurs, my day off but walked the block in the morning, than my 4 friends and I had a play date with our kids...3 sets of twins, 3 two year olds, and a 10month old... WHAT WERE WE Thinking?!!

 Really it wasn't bad, we all played than ate than shopped. We just looked like a whole football team walking threw the mall! I realize its wayyy easier with my ONE! I give so much credit to mommies of more, or TWINS, even crazier I have three friends with twins!!  I tell them all the time, that I swear I'll have triplets or more just because they all had twins! Who would have thought!

5 weeks and 2 days until my Half Marathon!! REALLY? WOW, I just can't believe I'm doing it, I'm almost there!

Nothing more to say but....
I'm Whooooped out TIRED!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

1st 10k!

Yesterday I had my first 10k!  leprechaun loop!

Got there early picked up my packet realized they had me down as being 24...I know that the cut off for age groups is usually 20-24 25-29 so I didn't want to be grouped with the speed demon 20 year olds who are in collage track teams! lol  so I let them know and they said oh no that's not the cut off so your fine and we will leave I just blew it off, oh well I guess I can be a year younger today! :)

Standing at the start line, oh man. Every race I ask myself why o why am I doing this? Can't I back out? Really.........ah!

It was a foggy day, which was a bummer because we ran along the water, and under the bridge. I couldn't see it until I was right under it :(   This race was also a 5k and a 2k walk.  the race i did last year it was a loop and the 10k'ers would run the 5k twice. So I thought all along I'd be able to see what my time was once I hit the 3.1 mark to looped back around. Well this race at a point they had the 5k'ers go one way and the 10k'er go another. So I was bummed I had no idea how my time was, no idea if I was keeping good pace. I knew I walked for a few seconds to get a drink two times.. It felt like forever long after I was just running with the 10k'ers we just kept going further when I knew we still had to turn around and run back ..AH!

Anyways I was feeling good. I didn't feel the need to give up and jump in the water for a dip or sit down with all the fishermen and catch me some dinner.  I was getting closer and closer, and finally got to a point where I saw the finish line than I saw that nice little clock....and all I read was 53:xxx something! offical time 53.56! Which I had a goal of doing it in 66 mins, and a Ultimate goal of 58 mins.....  That would be holding out a 6.9 speed on the treadmill the whole 6miles!
SOO SOOOO SOOO not was I was thinking at all! Just so amazing, I was so nervous for this race, all to Smash my time, like by a lot! Simply amazing, It makes me so proud of myself and I know I can do anything and all this hard work is for sure showing and paying off!! Than of course I had to see what my 5k time would have been and it would have been 26mins! WOW, my PR was 28mins and I ran slower knowing I had to last for 6 miles rather than only 3. Ugghh Makes me want to run a 5k now!

Now it was time for them to call the winners and give medals. At this time they didn't have the results up for the 10k so it was all a surprise. They get to the 20-24 age group and OF COURSE, who's 2nd place? ME! yes the NOT 24 year old! SO I walked up there and said No no, they have my age wrong, and she just looked at me and said oh well..second place is yours! uhghhh I feel horrible knowing I took the medal of someone else who this might have been her first time running or first race or first medal. I seem to always have some problem with all the races I do!!! My last race I ran it awesome, I was so proud turned around went to go get my friend and bring her to the finish line. Found out my chip didn't work but they had a picture with me running with my friend so put my time down as a few seconds after my friend that I went back to get!!! Even after I told them what the time said when I crossed! lol but hey they are all small town races and they do the best they can!

Here I am after the race. I didn't have anyone there to take pics while I ran the race :(  

Also This happened...ahhh my poor arm was stinging me afterwards :( View 2012-03-17 12.37.31-1.jpg in slide show
Now the next day my body hurrttts! Every muscle, I really need to start doing more outside runs to build all the other muscles that I don't on the treadmill!

Hope you all had a great St. Patty's day!!  See if the luck of the irish are in your favor...

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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  So I did 1-2-3 Intervals  yesterday that I read from my Women's running mag for training for a half!
Interval training can be your best choice for improving fitness, developing running economy, and getting faster!  It also helps burn cals and ....

 So I'll give you an example you can follow!

(I added .5mile warm up before (speed 4, 7:30mins) and .5 cool down after.)

10 Min Jog (5.5speed)

(x2-do these 2 times)
1min-Hard Run (7.2)
1min-Easy Jog (5.2)
2min-Hard run (7.2)
2min-Easy jog (5.2)
3min-Hard Run (7.2)
3min-Easy Jog (5.2)

6min jog. (5.5)

55mins-4.942 miles

Change your speed to your pace.  Easy Jog for you should be where your able to talk without problem.  Hard run- Where you wouldn't be able to hold a conversation.

Some funnies:
 REALLY? Come on! I sure hope she ran a marathon earlier that day!

This would be my worst nightmare! OH MY GOODNESS!

 hmmmm how did this get here???? LOL Oh, Channing you don't need to run to look sexy to me, although it is a added bonus!

ok these are NOT funny, they are sad, and all the reason to make me get off my boo-tay and do something!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am so excited that I came across Jamie the maker of GlamBandZ! She also is a runner!! She started after the birth of her second daughter, lost over 50 lbs and continues to love it!  Sound familiar?? YES we do have a lot in common!

She is SO awesome that she let me try out her GlamBandz! Here they are!Pink Sparkle, and Retro.

 I ♥ them!

So far I have worn them for a week, during three works outs, on my trail walk, and my 10 miler! They both really did stay in place- unlike everyother kind I ever tried! The inside in lined with velvet which really makes it not slip. I couldn't be happier, not sure if thats because I'm excited about the bands, or excited knowing I don't have a mis-shaped head like I always thought I did!

yeeaa, so not sexy when I run with my holy pink capri's,stained grey tank and black socks (good thing you can't see them all..also good thing that my "gym" is in my basement, should never be seen in public with my outfits!)  but HEY CHECK OUT THE SEXYGlamBandZ ! lol I do put a little glam into my workout! -Can't wait to get out of my creepy basement and show off my sexy workout clothes  glam!

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Good Luck!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful 8Miler + 2Miler-dreadmill

Yesterday I knew I had to do 10 miles, But didn't know it was going to be BEAUTIFUL outside! So I jumped into my jeep (I don't have a fancy running garmin) And drove around my blocks trying to figure out which one would be 10 miles! well.... First block I know is 3.1 miles because I walk that in the summer. So I went a few blocks around, that was 6 miles. So went a different way and got 8 miles.

 Driving seem WAY longer than actually running on the treadmill. It was a moment for me!  Made me realize that I run this crazy long distance, and that I could run to the next town and than back!

So I figured I would run the 8 miles. than pass my house and go to the mile point and run back.

So I packed my zip lock bag of swedish fish, carried my phone and carried half full bottle of water. Felt Like I needed a backpack! But I know I wouldn't like those belts people wear because everything annoys me when I run. Well it worked out just fine, although I'd be happier If my hubby would have just drove rode by me the whole way giving me things as I needed! lol

Once you start, well the good thing is you have to get back home, so your in for it!! Started ok! It was so nice outside, would have liked less wind, because yea my treadmill has no wind resistance ( OR HILLS)

I felt so lucky to be able to run the roads! I was on 3 main roads and one dirt road (mine) The whole time I only passed 6 vehicles, but 3 Rangers, 2 razors and 4 quads! You can tell its like the first nice spring day for us Michiganders in the boonies everyone was out riding!! Love living in the boonies for that reason!

The road to nowhere! But this was the only nice flat road!  truly felt like forest gump!

This would be a hill, with another hill following it, AHH

and the end of some hills! My dirt road has the most awful hills tho..(no pics)

Just so pretty! I'm so lucky to be able to run in this Nice fresh farm air...BAHA!

Well I ran the 8 miles finished that in 1hr24mins (amazing time for being first time outside and having wind and hills! (and taking pictures))  and yea didn't want to pass the house! so I went inside. took a drink, and went straight downstairs to run 2 more miles (22 mins) to finish the 10..  at this time I really think I was just a walking zombie, with no function, just kinda did it without thinking.      than .5 cool down!
I really felt great today, and proud once again to hit double digits! 2nd time! So glad to have ran outside and get off the treadmill! I for some reason do better outside, I always think I'm going slow but end up having great times... Crazy but Ill take it, cus races are outside!

Here is my recipe for these kind of Nice days!

View 2012-03-10 13.01.12-1.jpg in slide show              View 2012-03-10 13.00.57-1.jpg in slide show  (ice cube try pic is not loading :( boo, oh well you get it! )

Once again, I don't measure anything. I just kinda throw things together, well its just blended strawberries I'd say about 10 med sized, water (maybe 1/2 cup), 1 fresh squeezed lemon, and zero cal sweetener. Pour in ice tray, freeze.

Than I put water, 1 lemon, and sweetener in glass and some strawberry ice cubes! It was good, but I needed more sweetener to make it really good!! I love lemon water so this just makes it better!!  Also cant wait to try other berries!

Friday, March 9, 2012 it? or not? The hardest part

The begining is always the hardest.... True? Not?
I was thinking about this last night. I even have a quote posted on here, that I take back now. Really I don't think the begining is the hardest in this way that I look at it. (my opinion)

Begining: The time where your sooo motivated. Excited about starting this "New" thing. All Pumped! You start.. and of course feel great (who doesn't feel great after a workout or eating better?) Your body is begging for it, and rewarding you with this great feeling after you finish your first few days...understandable because you haven't been doing this for a while, so of course it felt great!

-Hardest part? NO! Its GREAT! This part might be a short time, but most people give up right about here... :(
but... maybe the very begining where you even think about changing, and actually try for a goal..but NAh, because most people are unhappy and want to change and think about it daily. But there is other's who NEED to change but could care less, so its not hard for them. hmm its a lot to think about! LOL

Middle: The time after the begining (duh) The time where you need to dig so deep, and continue! The time where you need look back and rememeber how GREAT you felt after a workout. The time you need to remind yourself daily of why you started the begining and what motivated you. Part where you  need to know that one bad day or off day is NOT going to ruin all your previous work (unless that is if you don't take each day as fresh start, and continue the bad day into days.) Take each day one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

-Hardest Part? I say SO! This part you really need to get past a lot!  Dig deep, remind yourself and KEEP GOING, YOU CAN DO IT!
:-)Oh no you don't.  Keep going!Never give up!

End/ Continuing it everyday (LIFESTYLE CHANGE) Maintain : The time where its just apart of life now. You feel that same feeling of greatness after every workout, that you don't want to miss one! Your body craves it just like in the begining, so that great feeling is why you continue! You understand each day is a new day! You completly get the good old nike saying, "Just Do It" You changed, you got there! You didn't settle! You might even set up another goal, which makes you go through each step over, but this time you know you can do anything you put your mind to!

-Hardest Part? I say it's Hard but rewarding.
 When it comes to weight, It's not easy maintaining but with this new mind set and with all the things you have learned you can get through anything! You learned to love this new way, and wouldn't go back! Time will go by and you realize some of the smallest things you changed and stuck with it for days, months even years! You find this great new confidence!

WOWZERS  to much thinking, but good points! Or at least I think so! BAHA

SO...Which ever part you are in, and no matter how big or small...I would say always celebrate any and all success! Celebrate every milestone you made! Even if you feel like its the smallest thing ever, be excited, it will help you get to the next step!
 Beware some people don't understand that these things are exciting and havn't got on board yet, and you might look like a crazy person, but OH WELL, You do you, and what make's you happy!  They might think your crazy now, but will so be jealous(inspired)  in the end!!

Believe in yourself, know you can do it. And make today...THAT DAY. No tommorrow's, no begining of the week! Look at the positive side, not "oh, I ate way over my calories today." change that and say "today I ate grapes instead of that big fat piece of cheesecake." Remind yourself of the good choice(s) you did make and the things you ARE doing good!

Repeat reading this post over and over, and know you cannnn doooo ittttt!
Pinned Image
okay im done :) LOL LOL

Which part are you in? Which part do you think is the hardest Part?
Comment below!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Never say Never to eating Sweets!

I don't believe in saying I'm never going to eat sweet's. That just sets yourself up for failure! So just find different ways to make things that you love! Or eat less of what you love! The first bite taste just like the last bite, so no need to eat 500!

I just read about these today, and I had everything to make them, so Of course I had to try!!!

One 15-ounce can black beans, drained and rinsed very well
3 large eggs
3 tablespoons EVOO
3.../4 cup Xylitol (or splenda or stevia) (i used great value zero cal sweetner)
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
Pinch salt
1/4 Baking Soda
2 tablespoons of butter

1. Preheat the oven to 325°F. Prepare muffin tins with paper liners, set aside.
2. Place the black beans in the bowl of a food processor and process until smooth and creamy. Add the eggs, oil, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, baking powder, , baking soda, butter, and salt and process until smooth.
3. Pour the batter into the muffin tins.
4. Bake 20-25 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in the pan.

12 muffins,  99 calories each!

They taste a little different, but if you have kids, THEY WILL NEVER KNOW the difference! You don't taste black beans at all!

Give it a try!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Michigan Crazy weather!

Well today it was 65 outside! (Well thats what my Jeep said) 65!!!, yes 65! That's awesome, even though we had the BEST (warmest) winter for what seems like since forever, I am sooo excited for warm weather!

1- More outside run's- (or walks when I have to push a stroller) at this awesome new trail that I found near me!
2- Get rid of this Ghost white skin of mine! I swear my skin is horrible in winter! Break out's- dry...ehh just bad!
3- SWIMMING! my daughter is a fish and loves water so will be exciting!
4- Clean my jeep out! I refuse to do it in the cold!
5- Open windows and get fresh air!
6- Play outside more = extra exercise!
7- Riding! 4wheeler and Ranger, was so much fun last summer,  every night we took a ranger ride through our property! So nice!

ill end on 7 cus thats my fav #! lol

SO TODAY was my day off but with this nice weather I went Diamond trail! Its a mile loop. Very pretty, goes through some woods and pretty much is in a huge open field! Just heard of it late last year, so excited to run it in the spring/summer!

 Walked 2 miles! Than did a photo shoot! lol

My lil love! all bundled up likes its 20 out! But she said her baby doll was wearing jammies soo was cold and needed the blanket!

 Couldn't figure out which one I liked best cus really its windy and were walking, not being/looking like super models today!

on this trail they have little wood posts that each have a different name on it, for a "in memory of" type thing. and they are all along the trail, so that's where I set the camera up! (and why the pictures are angled!)

Went to subway after! Seriously I crave subway everyday or at least think about it once in my day! Im addicted! Which is crazy because I didn't like subway that long ago, I could only handle it once every other month or so! But NOPE not now!! lol I try making it myself and of course never tastes like it!
This is what my fav. sub looks likes, veggies falling out everywhere and hard to eat!

and my love again!

Dinner: Homemade chicken noodle soup....ooooooo yummmmmmm!

it was really good!!

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(Recipe below in comments)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hill Work

Need a little change up and not the same boring thing?  Help build some muscle? Help with your speed? YES YES and YES so I'm starting to add in Hill Work once a week, oh I'v never done more than a walk on a incline!

   hmmm, well I couldn't decide which "Hill work" would be more fun?!


OK OK, this is about running, although I do have a love for my Dodge trucks, and country style! ( I also might need to get myself a pair of these super high waist running pants..LOL)

Hill Work,
 It really does make the time go fast, just like fartleks, your  changing things up every so often!!

 I got this from Happy Mother Runner  that she posted on her Facebook page!
(I just changed up the speeds for me and added my warm up and cool down)

15 min Warm-Up 1mi

Incline      Speed      Min
0                  6.0         5
1                  5.5         2
1                  6.2         2
1                  7.0         1
5                  3.5         2
5                   5.2        2
5                   6.5        1
7                  3.4         2
7                  5.2         2
7                  6.1         1
9                  3.2         2
9                  5.0         2
9                  6.0         1

15 min 1mi Cool Down

55 Mins

Give it a try!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Do It!

Last week was good, I did some good miles through out the week finishing with 27 miles. I been doing longer warm up's and cool downs. about a mile each. Which I feel have been making me feel better, and back to what my normal was before training. I useally will have my days off tues or wed. and friday. Well last week I had wed and thurs. so I had to run friday which I don't like cus I have a long run on saturday. That just set me up for a lonnnnnngg long run. which I only had to do 8 miles but they were...horrible. I thought it would have been great because I had a sitter, didnt have to worry about my daughter waking up or anything...but nope.  I walked prolly 10 times, Just couldn't get with it.  We were going to be busy all day saturday, which I was excited for and thats all I was thinking about! so I  wake up early to get something to eat a couple hours before running, than started running about 10a.m. Started off fine did a mile warm up, ran and got past 4.5 miles than...blahhh. It was bad, but I finished the 8 miles walked a small cool down. and thats it!  Sometimes its not how you plan it to be, but the one thing I read from Hal Higdon is to never cheat yourself on your miles!

 I may have done it in double the time, but I did it, and that's all that matter's! Time on your feet is the main thing for training.

If you set out to have a "good day" and things don't click, try again another time. You cannot force a "good day."   After all, a bad day running  beats not being able to run at all! I am lucky to even be able to have a bad running day!

How do you get through your "bad day's" ?! Do you feel guilty after them, or just proud you tried?
comment below!