Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you all had a great Valentines day!!!

I didn't do much at all really today, pretty boring actually.

I made my hubby a funny candy bar poem, nice fatty candy bars...mmmmm! lol

 I know I know I'm cute! hehehe He actually almost saw it yesterday, I picked a bad hiding spot!

Than while I was searching for my purse I ended up finding his hiding spot for Ours! Ha so not so surprising but hey it still kinda is, we just both have bad hiding spots!

Little Love with her Valentine from Daddy!

 I didn't take a pic of my card, cus I'm not as cute as my lil love with hers, She loved her card and flower!

Tomorrow is full on EASTER STUFF NOW! I've been waiting a while! Were are hosting our first Easter party for kids this year at our house and I'm excited!! Growing up my mom always made fun parties, where we played all kinds of games and won prizes! usually it was Halloween or a summer party, but With all our friends its seems were busy for summer and Halloween, so I picked Easter and wanted to carry on the fun party tradition!  Lets just hope its semi-OK outside and not one big muddy mess!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dietbet Results!

Ok wow, Starting with kinda crazy week!

First... DIETBET! SO sorry so long for the results

after seriously the longest wait, I finally got the payout. The dietbet ended on the 6th. and starting the next day you have 48 hours to weigh in. So that would make it on the 7th and 8th you can weigh in...well so You would think bright and early on the 9th we would get the results...NOPE! it took forever, I checked seriously every hour, and nothing! Ugh you know that feeling when your so excited and just cant wait, well that lasted a whole 3 hours, than it turned into I'M MAD, and its getting ridiculous!

Dietbet finally sent a message around 8pm saying they are getting a few things tied up and will get results in the next 24 hours... ANOTHER 24 HOURS, Your kidding right?! man o man, so it was a roller coaster of emotions that day lol all just for a dietbet haha..

Sunday morning we got the results!



As a group we lost over 5000 lbs, That's amazing! and just over half, 56% lost the 4%!

SaraHfit is starting another one on FEB 20th. CLICK HERE if you want to join that one!

I'm not so sure I will do another, unless I gain some pounds and really need to kick it in gear and lose 4%.

Saturday I had plans to go out with my group of friends to the movies, Well that changed when My little love started throwing up right as it was time for me to get ready and leave... :( So we spent about 8 hours of running to the bathroom each hour. Wow that was not fun!
passed out with her bucket...poor girl!

This also changed our Sunday Family Date too. We have a olive garden and toys-r-us gift card to use up and thought it would be a perfect date for lil love to get whatever she wants at the toy store, and than go out to eat, all FREE! well that will have to change to another day too!

Monday, OK Monday is better because I was given a gift in the mail that I get to review and than offer it to you guys! with a HUGE discount for you to purchase your very own! Check back for details!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Greek yogurt-Jello & DietBET

My Dietbet ends today, but the finale weigh in is tmrw. You have 48 hours from tmrw morning when they post the finale weigh in word. In which you need to take a picture of your self on the scale holding this word.  Hoping that the scale is down 4% of your weight from 28 days ago when it started!  I lost the weight, so I'm hoping it stays for tmrw! LOL


Loaded with Protein, yummy source of calcium, Good for digestive health and keep the bacteria in your gut healthy, they can also boost your immune system and keep you well.  read more on this HERE

So I know I talk a lot of Greek yogurt, that is because I have only been eating this for maybe a year? Its a new to me food! Also such a great food to be adding into your diet!  I seriously am obsessed with it and eat it ALL the time! FOR real! So besides using plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream in all my dishes, or dips. I just tried a new treat!

View 2013-02-06 10.39.49.jpg in slide show

Oh so I'm kinda excited about this yummy treat! Plain Greek Yogurt, and sprinkle Sugar Free Jello powder on it, mix and Enjoy! Yum!

View 2013-02-06 10.42.05.jpg in slide show

ok I admit, I added it and ate it right that second! BUT you can get a big thing of yogurt and add the whole packet in, and spread it into a pie dish. and this is what you will get if you chill it!
as seen here

Just think of all the things you could do with this, my mind is going crazy! Maybe a smoothie? Add a little jello powder to some almond milk, Greek yogurt and fruit!

I haven't tried yet, but I saw to sprinkle it just right onto fruit to give it a Little something extra when you have a sweet tooth!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

National pancake day!

Did you know it is National Pancake Day?  I guess, Don't ask where I heard that lol but I googled it and sure enough it really is, from IHOP!

Well Just an FYI, I am the pancake queen. My daughter has loved pancakes for forever now, and I really think I make them for her at least 4 times a week! WOAH! SO wanna see some of my designs? I know you do!

Here ya go!


Mickey mouse:
OK now I know this isn't a pancake, because I really cant find my pancake pic of mickey mouse that I've done. But If I can draw mickey mouse that GREAT with shaving cream, I'm sure you know my mickey pancakes must be pretty sweet, RIGHT?

View 2013-02-05 10.53.47.jpg in slide show

Here is today's pancake, My dog Turbo!

Photo: National pancake day!!! So this time we made a turbo pancake! Lol 
Doesn't that look just like him? HAHAHA! oh boy I'm the coolest mom! (pancake mom? lol)

Diet bet is over TMRW! but weight in is Thurs and Friday! WOOHOOO!  Finally over with! I hate worrying about weight day to day, because really like last night I was up late and was drinking water late which made me wake up a lil heavier. Its water weight, but um tmrw I can't have that extra water weight!

So I really don't know if people cheat their dietbet, I would hope to think not, but you never know! At least I know I really did lose weight, and I weighed in 27 days ago bright and early in the morning. I didn't drink a gallon a water or wait until after dinner.  So I did lose the 5.6 pounds I needed to lose! well it was only 5.0 pounds today, but um that extra .6 better be gone tmrw! lol!

Ill check back in with my results from the dietbet! Check out other diet bets on if you wanna try one out too!