Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you all had a great Valentines day!!!

I didn't do much at all really today, pretty boring actually.

I made my hubby a funny candy bar poem, nice fatty candy bars...mmmmm! lol

 I know I know I'm cute! hehehe He actually almost saw it yesterday, I picked a bad hiding spot!

Than while I was searching for my purse I ended up finding his hiding spot for Ours! Ha so not so surprising but hey it still kinda is, we just both have bad hiding spots!

Little Love with her Valentine from Daddy!

 I didn't take a pic of my card, cus I'm not as cute as my lil love with hers, She loved her card and flower!

Tomorrow is full on EASTER STUFF NOW! I've been waiting a while! Were are hosting our first Easter party for kids this year at our house and I'm excited!! Growing up my mom always made fun parties, where we played all kinds of games and won prizes! usually it was Halloween or a summer party, but With all our friends its seems were busy for summer and Halloween, so I picked Easter and wanted to carry on the fun party tradition!  Lets just hope its semi-OK outside and not one big muddy mess!

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