Tuesday, February 5, 2013

National pancake day!

Did you know it is National Pancake Day?  I guess, Don't ask where I heard that lol but I googled it and sure enough it really is, from IHOP!

Well Just an FYI, I am the pancake queen. My daughter has loved pancakes for forever now, and I really think I make them for her at least 4 times a week! WOAH! SO wanna see some of my designs? I know you do!

Here ya go!


Mickey mouse:
OK now I know this isn't a pancake, because I really cant find my pancake pic of mickey mouse that I've done. But If I can draw mickey mouse that GREAT with shaving cream, I'm sure you know my mickey pancakes must be pretty sweet, RIGHT?

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Here is today's pancake, My dog Turbo!

Photo: National pancake day!!! So this time we made a turbo pancake! Lol 
Doesn't that look just like him? HAHAHA! oh boy I'm the coolest mom! (pancake mom? lol)

Diet bet is over TMRW! but weight in is Thurs and Friday! WOOHOOO!  Finally over with! I hate worrying about weight day to day, because really like last night I was up late and was drinking water late which made me wake up a lil heavier. Its water weight, but um tmrw I can't have that extra water weight!

So I really don't know if people cheat their dietbet, I would hope to think not, but you never know! At least I know I really did lose weight, and I weighed in 27 days ago bright and early in the morning. I didn't drink a gallon a water or wait until after dinner.  So I did lose the 5.6 pounds I needed to lose! well it was only 5.0 pounds today, but um that extra .6 better be gone tmrw! lol!

Ill check back in with my results from the dietbet! Check out other diet bets on dietbet.com if you wanna try one out too!

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