Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Greek yogurt-Jello & DietBET

My Dietbet ends today, but the finale weigh in is tmrw. You have 48 hours from tmrw morning when they post the finale weigh in word. In which you need to take a picture of your self on the scale holding this word.  Hoping that the scale is down 4% of your weight from 28 days ago when it started!  I lost the weight, so I'm hoping it stays for tmrw! LOL


Loaded with Protein, yummy source of calcium, Good for digestive health and keep the bacteria in your gut healthy, they can also boost your immune system and keep you well.  read more on this HERE

So I know I talk a lot of Greek yogurt, that is because I have only been eating this for maybe a year? Its a new to me food! Also such a great food to be adding into your diet!  I seriously am obsessed with it and eat it ALL the time! FOR real! So besides using plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream in all my dishes, or dips. I just tried a new treat!

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Oh so I'm kinda excited about this yummy treat! Plain Greek Yogurt, and sprinkle Sugar Free Jello powder on it, mix and Enjoy! Yum!

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ok I admit, I added it and ate it right that second! BUT you can get a big thing of yogurt and add the whole packet in, and spread it into a pie dish. and this is what you will get if you chill it!
as seen here

Just think of all the things you could do with this, my mind is going crazy! Maybe a smoothie? Add a little jello powder to some almond milk, Greek yogurt and fruit!

I haven't tried yet, but I saw to sprinkle it just right onto fruit to give it a Little something extra when you have a sweet tooth!

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