Friday, March 24, 2017

Marathon training Week 20 of 30

Marathon Training!

It's still crazy to me knowing I am training for a marathon!

We are following Hal Higdon's

Marathon Training Guide - Novice Supreme

A Simple 30-Week Schedule for Beginning Runners
CLICK HERE To view his program. He has many different ones to follow if you like to follow a program!

WEEK 20!

We made our way through week 20! That's amazing! Just finishing 13 Miles. Such a different mind set than before when I ran my first half. I prepared what seems like forever for it, and this time its just another day training. I never carb loaded before running it, I didn't load up on body glide, or anything!

13 Miles seems so small compared to what we will be doing!

We changed our route this time to a different town. Running the same town can get very boring!
This town has a paved trail and beautiful views!! Like so pretty it made the run so worth it! Its very hilly, but for some reason I felt so much better after this run then I did the 12 mile previous week!

It took a good 24 hours to feel semi-normal and not sore!
Sore is the new normal, eek!

Next Week is a lower long run week of 10 miles. Possibly first run in the rain.
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I'm Back!

Wow, where has time gone?

Last time I wrote that I got a job! That was almost 4 years ago! Yup guess that means it made me completely busy, and had no time for nothing. It sure took a long time to get into the swing of things! Not to mention

I ended up having another baby in that time!

After the birth of my son, I started all over again, Back to square one, only being able to run for 2 minutes then feeling like I was going to die!

I have amazing running / encouraging friends and although I'm not as speedy this round for some reason, I get it done and did plenty of races! My first Swamp Foot run and also my first trail run. Which is by far my favorite! I'll have to talk about that another time!


Here I am now, Full time working still....I actually got moved up to the office, no more dirty clothes, safety glasses or dirty man hands!

I had a Stinker lil' man, He's 17 Months old. Such a handful! My daughter is now the big helper 7 year old!

If all that didn't make you tired, I am also training for my first full Marathon! Here is my two sole sisters. We run every weekend our long run together. Of course we take pictures everytime!

Last week I had an opportunity came across my facebook to be an ambassador for Run 4 Life. This made me realize I needed to get back on my blog! I loved documenting all my runs, I love getting my story out there,  and I always hope to inspire others. So I applied and I am happy to announce I was chosen!!!


This is very exciting! Its new for them and new for me! I hope to continue to share my love for running with all!

Check out Run4Life website  HERE , or on Facebook HERE 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Working Momma / Pro Compression

I got a JOB!

So I got a full time job at one of our friends shop.  Press operating/stamping type job, Nothing at all like my previous customer service jobs or banking!  Standing on my feet all day with loud machines, gloves, ear plugs and safety glasses! Whoa I'm a hard working woman who comes home looking Dirty!

ooohhh, if the guys knew that I was taking a typical teen girl pic of myself in the bathroom id be getting so much crap from them! (I don't think any of them even know I have a blog, shhhhhh!)

 I finally have a use for all those race t-shirts I have (that really are not so attractive to wear out anywhere)

Down side?
OK, its been 4 years now since I had a job, so that mean 4 year of pampered feet without long hours on them (besides running which never took 9 hours) which basically my feet KILL this week!

I'm not Blonde but sure had a blonde moment..HELLO,
 Pro Compression!

 Why I went this whole week with my feet killing and never thought to wear my Pro Compression sock, beats me! Can't wait until next week to start wearing them!

The benefit of wearing compression socks over 26.2 miles, 18 holes or 8 hours at work is the delay of muscular breakdown that comes from spending hours on your feet. PRO Compression works against gravity by helping your vascular system increase blood flow which relieves discomfort and assists in recovery. The minute you put them on, you’ll understand why PRO Compression socks are the World’s Best Athletic Performance Socks! 

If you work long hours you should try some compression socks, and nothing is better than getting a deal while your at it!!

What perfect timing to have a...

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Retro sock, YES please!
or these! I hate decisions! Or just get both!

Another Down side of killing feet....I haven't been able to run this week :( or do my squat challenge :(  

 Although this is prolly great for me and keeping active on my feet and walking around the shop..not like being lazy around the house I'm sure I'm burning calories, but I can't wait to just be used to this whole standing of feet thing and get back to a working/Running mom!

 Give ya a sneak peak of a part,


Does this not look like a martini glass?! LOL

~Do you work on your feet all day?
~Feet and back kill?
~What type of shoes do you wear while being on your feet all day?