Friday, March 24, 2017

Marathon training Week 20 of 30

Marathon Training!

It's still crazy to me knowing I am training for a marathon!

We are following Hal Higdon's

Marathon Training Guide - Novice Supreme

A Simple 30-Week Schedule for Beginning Runners
CLICK HERE To view his program. He has many different ones to follow if you like to follow a program!

WEEK 20!

We made our way through week 20! That's amazing! Just finishing 13 Miles. Such a different mind set than before when I ran my first half. I prepared what seems like forever for it, and this time its just another day training. I never carb loaded before running it, I didn't load up on body glide, or anything!

13 Miles seems so small compared to what we will be doing!

We changed our route this time to a different town. Running the same town can get very boring!
This town has a paved trail and beautiful views!! Like so pretty it made the run so worth it! Its very hilly, but for some reason I felt so much better after this run then I did the 12 mile previous week!

It took a good 24 hours to feel semi-normal and not sore!
Sore is the new normal, eek!

Next Week is a lower long run week of 10 miles. Possibly first run in the rain.
Wish us luck!

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