Hey everyone!

My name is Sheri, I was addicted to running blogs and decided to make my own in hopes of inspiring other’s the way I have been! I am by no means a writer or claim to be! There will be many type-o's but hey its all fun and exactly how I am!

I’m a full time working, mom,  Wife and Runner from Michigan! I also am a pinterest addict, DIY-er, and love photography.

 I started running back in high school. I was on the track team for only one year in 2002, and I believe that changed me for life!!  Although I didn't stick with it ever since then, I have refueled that fire and now never want to stop!! 

I've completed 8 5k's, Done my first 10k March 2012, and first Half marathon April 2012!  multiple 5k's, 10k's, a 10 Mile, Half Marathon, and have my first full coming up May 2017!!

13.1 Reason's I Run: (Written back in the day)

 1  "Me Time" It's my time out from everything to clear my mind
 2  To show a good example to my daughter, who Is 3 1/2 and already tell's me to run faster!
 3   I love the feeling of finishing/ accomplishing a goal
 4  To inspire someone on thier journey
 5  To do something some people can't do, or most won't do!
 6  To maintain being healthy
 7  Challenge myself
 8  Make's me happy and I always feel better after
 9  Gives myself confidence
10  To not follow my "genes" of my over weight family
11  To drink wine :)
12  Eat more food---I love food!
13  Releave stress

What started out to lose weight, turned into something I love!  My goal is to always enjoy what I'm doing and never dread it!

I hope you follow my blog, get inspired,  live a healthier lifestyle all while learning how to bring out your creative side!

Here you will find the updated post about where I am today!
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