Thursday, November 29, 2012


Here we are Two days before my First race sense the half! Its been 7 months of no racing, wow, but really I don't like dreaded hot summer races...bring on the COLD winter races! Jingle bell run and dressing up is so much fun!

  But no snow, I don't wanna run with roads looking like this...Good thing this weekend will be nice unlike this last weekend where we got our first snow...yuck!

Change of subject....I LOVE me some pinterest! If you haven't pinterested yet....SEND YOUR EMAIL TO ME ill invite you! <----yes thats screaming!

Click here to check out my fav. site!

So many ideas and well I'm a crafting freak and I have a toddler who needs to be busy so I keep sane! I think we crafted everyday so far or made some sort of science project, shaving cream or anything to keep my lil love busy!

Here some things we did....

We made hand print Santa ornaments! Made these for the grandparents!

 Had some extra to make Turbo a print too, can't make him feel left out!   Than made hot glue snow man! (not the best but oh well!)
Than a clothes pin wreath to hang all our xmas cards on! I took the large picture out of the frame and hung the wreath in the middle...Now I need some cards...

 Last but not least
  I learned how to take a picture of a tree with my camera, and.....How to put ribbon on the tree...OH so fancy I am now!

Not pinterest...but as you might know I love taking pictures,  Im not a photographer, but People have started seeing all my friends and family pics I took and now want me to take their pics....I must be awesome...or well Cheap and its close to xmas everyone wants Cheap, I know I do!

moving on,
 I did a cute photo shoot of my cousins family and here is my fav.


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