Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween camping

For the past four years I have gone camping for Halloween! I like it better than actual trick or treating because each camp site hands out candy and around my house its like every 8th house hands out candy.

previous years

 Tree and owl this year! I made the wings and bought on etsy the hat and leggings! Than made my whole tree costume and my friend made the headband with hanging apples! LOL

 In the costume contest, which she didn't win :(

I love dressing up, and love holidays!

 My husband hands out candy while My daughter and I trick or treat!

 our cabin!

I'm already looking forward to next year because we just bought my dream camper! I have always wanted a project vintage camper and This is what I picked up!

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's fall ya'll - recipes included!

Fall is just so pretty! This was some pictures from our walk around the block the other day
Her new stroller, its very bulky compared to my other old one, but its very easy to push down dirt roads!

Than our mooning scarecrow I just made! hehehe
Today on our walk I took a pic of the dreaded hill that my driveway is right on top of.
1st pic: going down (she didn't want her pic taking) and good thing the new stroller has good brakes! 2nd pic: around the block and coming back up
How about some
recipe's !
Avocado, Egg Salad Sandwich with Greek yogurt!

1 avocado
1 Boiled egg
1 tablespoon plain greek yogurt
1 teaspoon mustard
Like I repeat all the time, I never make things exactly how I read it, I always just keep adding to taste. guess that's what makes it more my own recipe and not copied..yay for me lol
My special touch:
I might have added more mustard cus I love it, than added dill, and a tiny bit of horseradish-Dijon)
Mix together and sandwich it between some bread, maybe even on a wrap, your choice! I did have some left over but I ate this for dinner not lunch so I just ate the rest outta the bowl lol!  
Apple Cinnamon flavored water

1 Apple cut into slices
teaspoon cinnamon or Cinnamon stick
 36oz water

Add to pitcher, put in fridge for at least 10 mins, Enjoy!

So I didn't have cinnamon sticks, so I made my own cinnamon tea bag! lol Its a coffee filter with the cinnamon in it and tied with a sandwich bag tie! Dropped that in and the flavor gets in the water as it would with a stick, but has no cinnamon floating all in it!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm a winner!

A few weeks back I won the Premier Protein giveaway on SkinnyRunner's blog...Her blog is the first blog I have read and continue to read!  Shes funny but most of all I just love seeing all the crazy miles she puts in and its just so hard to believe, but she does it! 10 miles is just normal easy run for her...CRAZY I SAY!

Getting mail is so much fun right?! Well even better when they make it all pretty!

These little red crinkly things...yea, they were all over my house thanks to my little love who thinks they were for her...but shhhh I didn't care, it kept her busy for a while! (until I had to clean them up than it kept me busy and her making a mess of something else)

It came with the black bag next to it, Premier Protein bars  and Shakes! Each having 30g of protein..WOW!  I ate one bar the chocolate peanut butter yummm, I like it but ringing in around 290 calories it took up way to much for me a day so I gave them to my husband to enjoy! He needs a lil more health food in his diet! He liked them and wants more!  These would have been perfect during training though, darn!
Now the drinks were also pretty yummy and at 160 cals, That works for me! So I hid those in the fridge for my hubby to not find! Hehehe!
I will be buying me more soon,
Thanks Premier Protein for giving me a chance to win, and If you would like check them out here
Yay for winning! Now if Mizuno, Asics, or Brooks, would like to let me try some shoes or win them, IM IN! Im still looking for a pair that works for me!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spicy Spicy

I have a love for HOT STUFF....Seriously can eat everything spicy, and I love when my eye lids sweat.. HAHA  I know you have no idea what I mean, cus no one does when I tell them that, but it happens I swear!

So here is my latest addiction, thanks Pinterest I don't know what I'd do without you :*

Simple healthy version of Buffalo wings!
Buffalo Cauliflower

I know you can look up different kinds of ways to make it, here is one example
click here.  Or you can do it the lazy way which I do when I want it quick!

Boil some cauliflower just for a little so that you don't lose all the nutrients but you want it somewhat soft and hot. (the recipes call to dip it into flour mixture and bake it, I skip all that)

Than in a bowl I mix sweet baby rays buffalo wing sauce, with Franks EXTRA hot sauce together than toss the cauliflower in to coat it.  Than dip it into litehouse blue cheese which I add extra blue cheese crumbs too!

Than add some celery if you like too!!

Once again I don't have exact measurement's because I just do everything to taste so sorry!

Monday, October 1, 2012

picture recap of last two months

I haven't blogged in a bit so here is an fast update with pictures!

Yard work with the hubby

Bee sting during yard work, which days later made me feel like crap and the red swollen-ness spread from my armpit to elbow and itched like crazy!

Vacation In TN,

I like taking pictures, so I was able to be the photographer at two
weddings in Aug, and do a photo shoot for this couple! Which is now leading me to do more photos (Never knew I'd get so popular

One of my fav's from the  first wedding

Fun at the Park

Jason aldean, and Luke Bryan concert!

I finished my daughter's homemade Owl costume! How cute is that?

Festival ride
 New microwave (I blew the other one up, OPS)

My pretty lady photo shoot!

highs and Lows

Its Oct 1st!! Oct is the start of many things... Its Opening day for all the hunters,  its my favorite time of year for the weather, and than its my Birthday MONTH!!

 But not only is it all that, really its where I hit my "I need to get motivated again" time. I'm sorta the opposite of many when it comes to summer, most people get in the groove, run outside more, well not me. I am so busy, I lose some motivation, and end up packing on some extra fluff...(FAT) ahhh!  This happens what seems to be every year. But also didn't help I started the summer off with a hurt foot from the marathon and lost all my endurance.

But there is always highs and lows in every one's lifestyle, and I felt guilty of not putting my all into it and didn't really blog much, but now I'm back at it and will post my highs along with my lows, because lets face it, it always nice to hear of others "lows" so you don't feel alone!

I love running in cooler weather and I have my first race picked out after my half. I ran this last year and its so much fun running themed races!
Jingle Bell Run,  Here comes this running milf!
my friend Amanda and I

I know I wont be as awesome as I was last year,  and although you want to win and be the fastest, time doesn't mean anything.

Getting your butt up and just doing it, means everything!

I'll keep enjoying it, rather than burning myself out!