Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm a winner!

A few weeks back I won the Premier Protein giveaway on SkinnyRunner's blog...Her blog is the first blog I have read and continue to read!  Shes funny but most of all I just love seeing all the crazy miles she puts in and its just so hard to believe, but she does it! 10 miles is just normal easy run for her...CRAZY I SAY!

Getting mail is so much fun right?! Well even better when they make it all pretty!

These little red crinkly things...yea, they were all over my house thanks to my little love who thinks they were for her...but shhhh I didn't care, it kept her busy for a while! (until I had to clean them up than it kept me busy and her making a mess of something else)

It came with the black bag next to it, Premier Protein bars  and Shakes! Each having 30g of protein..WOW!  I ate one bar the chocolate peanut butter yummm, I like it but ringing in around 290 calories it took up way to much for me a day so I gave them to my husband to enjoy! He needs a lil more health food in his diet! He liked them and wants more!  These would have been perfect during training though, darn!
Now the drinks were also pretty yummy and at 160 cals, That works for me! So I hid those in the fridge for my hubby to not find! Hehehe!
I will be buying me more soon,
Thanks Premier Protein for giving me a chance to win, and If you would like check them out here
Yay for winning! Now if Mizuno, Asics, or Brooks, would like to let me try some shoes or win them, IM IN! Im still looking for a pair that works for me!

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