Monday, October 1, 2012

picture recap of last two months

I haven't blogged in a bit so here is an fast update with pictures!

Yard work with the hubby

Bee sting during yard work, which days later made me feel like crap and the red swollen-ness spread from my armpit to elbow and itched like crazy!

Vacation In TN,

I like taking pictures, so I was able to be the photographer at two
weddings in Aug, and do a photo shoot for this couple! Which is now leading me to do more photos (Never knew I'd get so popular

One of my fav's from the  first wedding

Fun at the Park

Jason aldean, and Luke Bryan concert!

I finished my daughter's homemade Owl costume! How cute is that?

Festival ride
 New microwave (I blew the other one up, OPS)

My pretty lady photo shoot!

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