Monday, October 1, 2012

highs and Lows

Its Oct 1st!! Oct is the start of many things... Its Opening day for all the hunters,  its my favorite time of year for the weather, and than its my Birthday MONTH!!

 But not only is it all that, really its where I hit my "I need to get motivated again" time. I'm sorta the opposite of many when it comes to summer, most people get in the groove, run outside more, well not me. I am so busy, I lose some motivation, and end up packing on some extra fluff...(FAT) ahhh!  This happens what seems to be every year. But also didn't help I started the summer off with a hurt foot from the marathon and lost all my endurance.

But there is always highs and lows in every one's lifestyle, and I felt guilty of not putting my all into it and didn't really blog much, but now I'm back at it and will post my highs along with my lows, because lets face it, it always nice to hear of others "lows" so you don't feel alone!

I love running in cooler weather and I have my first race picked out after my half. I ran this last year and its so much fun running themed races!
Jingle Bell Run,  Here comes this running milf!
my friend Amanda and I

I know I wont be as awesome as I was last year,  and although you want to win and be the fastest, time doesn't mean anything.

Getting your butt up and just doing it, means everything!

I'll keep enjoying it, rather than burning myself out!

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