Monday, January 21, 2013

pancakes n crafts

Well Friday I did that county folk workout again (loading/unloading wood) and over did it! I sure did pay for it Saturday when I barely could move and my back hurt so bad! I needed to get as many loads into the basement because this week is suppose to be FREEZIN and I wasn't about to do it when its so  cold.  So for two lazy days on the weekend of pain, It back at it today for dietbet!
Photo: No need to waste money on the gym or p90x, just do the country workout and load/unload wood! By far the best workout! anyone wanna join?

Made my lil love the COOLEST pancake ever!
 Photo: Austyn has the coolest pancake making mom! am I a pretty sweet mom or what?  ya ya i know!

We also did a craft today for valentines,
Photo: Austyns valentine decoration craft, cute :) this is actually very big and hung it inside the empty frame that I change for every holiday.

its a big poster board, used painters tape to spell love and let her paint it all over with white and red paint.  Rip the tape off and Wala cute decoration!  oh yea and Added glue and some glitter on the inside of the heart too! 

That's all I have for pictures, so everything else is boring if there isn't a picture!

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dietbet - Dinner - glambandz

You're now in 138th place with a 55% chance of winning, Yay that's what I woke up to after I weighed in for DIETBET !

I now only have 2.3 lbs to lose in 22 days, which I'm confident I can do lol, but I'm worried about Feb 2nd & 3rd. I have a fireman ball on the 2nd and Superbowl party the 3rd, and finale weigh in is the 7th!!

After loading and unloading wood yesterday,

View 2013-01-16 12.00.49.jpg in slide showView 2013-01-16 12.00.53.jpg in slide show (my hillbilly who brought her shopping cart out back while I loaded wood! LOL)

 I had a super yummy dinner! Roast beef subs with mushrooms and green peppers! mmmm mmmm mmmm!

Grilled up some mushrooms, onions and green peppers, than added some super thin  roast beef from the deli (two slices cut up)

View 2013-01-16 16.40.18.jpg in slide show

Put a wedge of the jalapeno pepper spread on the bun and toasted them on the griddle, added a little Italian cheese on top and WALA, its like a filly cheese steak sandwich!
View 2013-01-16 16.41.57.jpg in slide show

View 2013-01-16 16.44.19.jpg in slide show
 I don't know where the top bun is, but yea add that on top lol (or not if your short on calories for the day, save yourself 80 cals)

Found this pic online of my lil love and I at the race Saturday,

Photo awww! Oh yea do you love my headband? I DO. and it stayed the entire time (5 miles!) on my odd shaped head, I couldn't tell ya how happy I am with them! Go get one for yourself at GlamBandZ on etsy, or check out her facebook page, HERE !

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Intervals/ Biggest loser DVD

read any magazine or fitness blogs and you will always hear about intervals. Each one will tell you intervals is the best way to burn belly fat. What I like about intervals is its not so boring, my mind is thinking about what i need to do next and the time seems to go by faster!

I get the Womens Running Magazine and just read under the title WHY YOU CANT LOSE WEIGHT that.."the latest research shows that running for less time is actually more effective for fat loss than running long and slow"  Which you should try intervals to get a good workout in a shorter time frame!

Also in another  part it says to make sure to rest, cross train and lift weights. I have been lifting more weight (well using the total gym so using my own body weight)  because I want my metabolism to increase when I'm at rest doing nothing! Maybe it will help me get out of that part where I just cant get under a certain weight.  Not to mention get some muscle and toneness to my body!

If your a PINTEREST freak like me, you can look up all kinds of different interval options that might fit your speed and level!

With that here is my
Interval chart I did

5 min warm up 4.0 speed

set incline to 1
(minutes)  (speed)
0-1     4.0
1-2     8.0
2-3    4.0
3-4     8.0
4-5     4.0
5-6     8.2
6-7     4.0
7-8     8.2
8-9     4.0
9-10   8.5
10-11  4.0
11-12  8.0
12-13  4.0
13-14  8.8
14-15  4.0

incline 7.5
15-20  3.5

Followed by Total gym arm work outs


Biggest losers Calorie Knockout, Level 1,2& 3  Of course I love level 2 because its bob and harder than the other levels, I seriously just shake and my thighs burn like all get out!
Wednesday:  Rest day

We have a wood burning furnace at our house, so today I need to go get a load of wood. Which really is such a hard workout so its not really a rest day! But I love doing manual labor jobs!  I feel I'm doing something that my hubby used to do every year, and helping him out so its one less thing he has to do when he gets home from a long day!

Great wife I am huh? HEHE

Monday, January 14, 2013

POHO Hot Cocoa 8k Recap

Woke up  with a stuffy nose and couldn't breath! What a great way to feel race morning...NOT!

On a better note it was going to be amazing Jan. weather at about 45 out while running, perfect!

I was running late so had a friend pick up my race packet, The shirts were just way to cool and made everything worth it! I love getting race shirts, and better yet one ill wear a lot!

I went into this race with no time to beat as this was my first 8k, and I really just didn't feel up to par so didn't want to go all out. Stress free race, ahhh so nice! There was over 1300 runners!! So through out the race I was always next to lots of runners. Races in the past I seem to be all alone with very few runners around so was a nice change.

The course was very pretty running along the water, and making our way under the blue water bridge.

I kept a steady pace the whole time it did feel longer but  I wasn't feeling like I was going to pass out or anything! It was just a very enjoyable run, I feel I don't ever get to do that as I always feel if I pay for a race I need to try my all time hardest.

I ended up getting to the finish line and seeing my lil love who was cheering on the runners. I grabbed her and let her run with me to the finish!

She just gets so excited and I am more excited that she is! Future runner for sure!

I finished with a chip time of 47:57, which is better than my 56 min Iv been doing on the treadmill! I really have no idea why I'm so bad on my treadmill than get a race and don't even try hard and beat my time by almost 9 mins! Ill never know but Ill take it!

After the race they had a huge tent with a live band, and chocolate fondue. Although the line was about 30 mins long to get any water or post snack,  it was yummy when I did get it  and different from the normal post party! There was little trays with gram crackers, banana, strawberry and marshmallow and chocolate, than the fondue fountain to add even more chocolate. Oh, and Hot cocoa!
As always Elite Feet put on a great race and I'm sure as they said they will learn from this race and make following races better! I'll be looking forward to the changes and next events to come!
Great start to my DietBet !

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shopping, Food, Dietbet

Diet bet officially begun yesterday! 
Ending with a total of $21,570 in the pot and 719 players! That's amazing!!!

But what I think is crazy is some people are already saying they are 80-90% to their goal already! and some even admitted they are a morning weigh-in'er but weighed in after dinner! And that they can be up to 7 lbs lighter in the morning. Is that cheating? I would think so, but I actually weighed in, in the morning because I actually do want to lose the weight and not just cheat threw it!

Oh well, moving on

I picked up these cute items shopping yesterday with my mom!

From jcpenneys! its bright orange, only $17 with thumb holes! I'll be sporting this at the race tmrw along with some fancy purple tall socks! Races are the only place to look like a crazy rainbow and it be ok!
Xersion™ Brushed Synthetic Athletic Jacket
You can order one online  HERE !

And THESE super cute turquoise skinnies from Rue 21 for tmrw's bachelorette party bus! I always have a vision in my head of an outfit, but when I go to shop I never find it! I got that pants, but nothing else to go with! I picture it with a off white sparkly tank and a coral or light pink color jacket/blazer/sweater over it and a light scarf that had all those colors in it! OH and grey or lighter brown boots....will I ever find all that, PROLLY NOT!
View 2013-01-10 19.09.02-1.jpg in slide show very blurry phone pic, but that's all I have so far, but I want the top and boots I mentioned ^^ there!

My lil love rode the train threw the mall! She was so cute :)

As I said before, my house is the sick house, My daughter was sick first, than my hubby.. and I have yet to get it... I feel like I'm thinking about it making myself sick though! My nose is stuffy and I'm just so worried I'm going to wake up each morning SUPER sick!  My race is tmrw and I think I'm going to make myself worse running in the cold! But This is a fun run and I need to do just that, not worry about times just have fun and enjoy it!

some food options I pretty much do daily and may change up a little:

Greek Yogurt. Trying flavored for the first time, as I only ate plain greek yogurt (to replace sour cream)

Topped with some griddle apples and cinnamon
or Banana's and cinnamon

Both with some flax seed too!

View 2013-01-04 12.05.49.jpg in slide show Tried Coconut vanilla, and Orange Cream.mmm
extra apples for my lil love, who loves apples!
View 2013-01-11 14.04.26.jpg in slide show Polish sausage and frozen veggies with lots of cayenne on top!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh in

So as I said a few days ago I joined Sarahfit Dietbet and I'm betting to lose 4% of my body weight. It starts tomorrow, weight ins were yesterday and today.

 So I got on the scale took a pic of myself in the mirror with my camera, than was wondering why it seemed like my scale was off ...well yea Duh me, besides having to wear some clothing, I'm holding a huge  camera in my hand!  BAHAHA!  I quickly changed that and got my phone to get the job done! LOL yea I'm a weirdo but hey I don't wanna see that extra pound! I weight myself naked first thing when i wake up, no added extra weight lol!!
  Here's a old pic but the only pic I think I actually have with my camera!

Oh yea, I mentioned that there was like 50 people at that time I signed up, well now its crazy... there is 471 players, and over $14,000 in the pot! WOW

I'm really excited to get started and get back to eating well, and getting lots of exercise!

Monday I went to zumba! I love zumba, but really I have been to a few different places and I didn't like any compared to zumba in my area!! I live in the Boooonies and around here we have no classes or any gyms near, so its nice to have zumba.  It a great fun hour long workout that the time really does fly by and is a little change up from being on the treadmill always! You will for sure need to find a zumba near you! You can go Here and search for a class in your area!


I have the POHO Hot cocoa Run this weekend!  I'm excited about that! I'm mostly excited because I have a party bus/ bachelorette party to go later that day and with being the beginning of my diet bet, ill be glad to know I at least ran 5 miles before hand! Guess I gotta skip some of the chocolate...MAYBE! lol or just dance my booty off.. literally.. on the bus!

Also my hubby has been super sick this week, and my lil love the week before! I'm really trying to dodge the sickness  at least until after Saturday! I really don't think running in the freezing cold will help much but do what you love, right? I hope! :)

* Anything exciting going on with you this weekend?!
* You thinking about joining a Dietbet?!
* Do you zumba?!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Diet Bet

Ever needed something to help challenge you to lose weight? do you like making $$$Money$$$$ ? Well hey I just read over at RUN EAT PLAY , that her and her husband are doing this DIET BET along with 57 others (so far!) here is how she explains it which is done well so ill copy it!

We’ve decided to join a weight loss challenge through Sarah Fit’s Diet Bet. Sarah Fit is a YouTube fitness guru and blogger. She is hosting a weight loss challenge through the DietBet website. The concept is pretty easy: you pay $30 a person to join. Then, you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. (You photograph yourself on the scale with a special “word of the day” so DietBet know you’re being honest). After the 4 weeks is over, everyone who lost 4% of their body weight splits the pot. So, if you lose your 4%, you’re guaranteed to win back your $30, plus more if other people didn’t reach their goal.
The best part is that anyone can sign up!  and the challenge starts January 10th and ends February 6th. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, I would recommend joining. Come do it with us!

So I'm going to try this! I have a few races coming up so
I know I'll put the work in for it and I just have that extra few pounds gained from the holidays to lose. I think it should be fun and not so hard! (I HOPE)

If you think you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days, Come join us! Bet your money on it!  Anyone can join!

Starts Jan. 10th!

  and until than..I'm snuggling with these cuties!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I'd say 2012 was a great year for my running!
 I trained very hard for my first half marathon and did amazing at! also did my first 10k! Than got a huge PR and 1st in age group in the 5k distance this year!! I'm very proud of myself!

 leprechaun loop,  Half Marathon,
 PR! Jingle Bell 5k, and 1st in age group!
What will 2013 bring for me, I have no idea! Every new year I just hope to make this year better than the last! I'm not one to make huge goals just because its Jan 1st, its like the annoying I'll wait until Monday to start something...nope not me! I refresh each day and don't wait until a certain day/time to change something!
Happy New year from my family to yours!
Any big plans for your new year?!