Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dietbet - Dinner - glambandz

You're now in 138th place with a 55% chance of winning, Yay that's what I woke up to after I weighed in for DIETBET !

I now only have 2.3 lbs to lose in 22 days, which I'm confident I can do lol, but I'm worried about Feb 2nd & 3rd. I have a fireman ball on the 2nd and Superbowl party the 3rd, and finale weigh in is the 7th!!

After loading and unloading wood yesterday,

View 2013-01-16 12.00.49.jpg in slide showView 2013-01-16 12.00.53.jpg in slide show (my hillbilly who brought her shopping cart out back while I loaded wood! LOL)

 I had a super yummy dinner! Roast beef subs with mushrooms and green peppers! mmmm mmmm mmmm!

Grilled up some mushrooms, onions and green peppers, than added some super thin  roast beef from the deli (two slices cut up)

View 2013-01-16 16.40.18.jpg in slide show

Put a wedge of the jalapeno pepper spread on the bun and toasted them on the griddle, added a little Italian cheese on top and WALA, its like a filly cheese steak sandwich!
View 2013-01-16 16.41.57.jpg in slide show

View 2013-01-16 16.44.19.jpg in slide show
 I don't know where the top bun is, but yea add that on top lol (or not if your short on calories for the day, save yourself 80 cals)

Found this pic online of my lil love and I at the race Saturday,

Photo awww! Oh yea do you love my headband? I DO. and it stayed the entire time (5 miles!) on my odd shaped head, I couldn't tell ya how happy I am with them! Go get one for yourself at GlamBandZ on etsy, or check out her facebook page, HERE !

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