Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh in

So as I said a few days ago I joined Sarahfit Dietbet and I'm betting to lose 4% of my body weight. It starts tomorrow, weight ins were yesterday and today.

 So I got on the scale took a pic of myself in the mirror with my camera, than was wondering why it seemed like my scale was off ...well yea Duh me, besides having to wear some clothing, I'm holding a huge  camera in my hand!  BAHAHA!  I quickly changed that and got my phone to get the job done! LOL yea I'm a weirdo but hey I don't wanna see that extra pound! I weight myself naked first thing when i wake up, no added extra weight lol!!
  Here's a old pic but the only pic I think I actually have with my camera!

Oh yea, I mentioned that there was like 50 people at that time I signed up, well now its crazy... there is 471 players, and over $14,000 in the pot! WOW

I'm really excited to get started and get back to eating well, and getting lots of exercise!

Monday I went to zumba! I love zumba, but really I have been to a few different places and I didn't like any compared to zumba in my area!! I live in the Boooonies and around here we have no classes or any gyms near, so its nice to have zumba.  It a great fun hour long workout that the time really does fly by and is a little change up from being on the treadmill always! You will for sure need to find a zumba near you! You can go Here and search for a class in your area!


I have the POHO Hot cocoa Run this weekend!  I'm excited about that! I'm mostly excited because I have a party bus/ bachelorette party to go later that day and with being the beginning of my diet bet, ill be glad to know I at least ran 5 miles before hand! Guess I gotta skip some of the chocolate...MAYBE! lol or just dance my booty off.. literally.. on the bus!

Also my hubby has been super sick this week, and my lil love the week before! I'm really trying to dodge the sickness  at least until after Saturday! I really don't think running in the freezing cold will help much but do what you love, right? I hope! :)

* Anything exciting going on with you this weekend?!
* You thinking about joining a Dietbet?!
* Do you zumba?!

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