Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Intervals/ Biggest loser DVD

read any magazine or fitness blogs and you will always hear about intervals. Each one will tell you intervals is the best way to burn belly fat. What I like about intervals is its not so boring, my mind is thinking about what i need to do next and the time seems to go by faster!

I get the Womens Running Magazine and just read under the title WHY YOU CANT LOSE WEIGHT that.."the latest research shows that running for less time is actually more effective for fat loss than running long and slow"  Which you should try intervals to get a good workout in a shorter time frame!

Also in another  part it says to make sure to rest, cross train and lift weights. I have been lifting more weight (well using the total gym so using my own body weight)  because I want my metabolism to increase when I'm at rest doing nothing! Maybe it will help me get out of that part where I just cant get under a certain weight.  Not to mention get some muscle and toneness to my body!

If your a PINTEREST freak like me, you can look up all kinds of different interval options that might fit your speed and level!

With that here is my
Interval chart I did

5 min warm up 4.0 speed

set incline to 1
(minutes)  (speed)
0-1     4.0
1-2     8.0
2-3    4.0
3-4     8.0
4-5     4.0
5-6     8.2
6-7     4.0
7-8     8.2
8-9     4.0
9-10   8.5
10-11  4.0
11-12  8.0
12-13  4.0
13-14  8.8
14-15  4.0

incline 7.5
15-20  3.5

Followed by Total gym arm work outs


Biggest losers Calorie Knockout, Level 1,2& 3  Of course I love level 2 because its bob and harder than the other levels, I seriously just shake and my thighs burn like all get out!
Wednesday:  Rest day

We have a wood burning furnace at our house, so today I need to go get a load of wood. Which really is such a hard workout so its not really a rest day! But I love doing manual labor jobs!  I feel I'm doing something that my hubby used to do every year, and helping him out so its one less thing he has to do when he gets home from a long day!

Great wife I am huh? HEHE

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