Friday, January 11, 2013

Shopping, Food, Dietbet

Diet bet officially begun yesterday! 
Ending with a total of $21,570 in the pot and 719 players! That's amazing!!!

But what I think is crazy is some people are already saying they are 80-90% to their goal already! and some even admitted they are a morning weigh-in'er but weighed in after dinner! And that they can be up to 7 lbs lighter in the morning. Is that cheating? I would think so, but I actually weighed in, in the morning because I actually do want to lose the weight and not just cheat threw it!

Oh well, moving on

I picked up these cute items shopping yesterday with my mom!

From jcpenneys! its bright orange, only $17 with thumb holes! I'll be sporting this at the race tmrw along with some fancy purple tall socks! Races are the only place to look like a crazy rainbow and it be ok!
Xersion™ Brushed Synthetic Athletic Jacket
You can order one online  HERE !

And THESE super cute turquoise skinnies from Rue 21 for tmrw's bachelorette party bus! I always have a vision in my head of an outfit, but when I go to shop I never find it! I got that pants, but nothing else to go with! I picture it with a off white sparkly tank and a coral or light pink color jacket/blazer/sweater over it and a light scarf that had all those colors in it! OH and grey or lighter brown boots....will I ever find all that, PROLLY NOT!
View 2013-01-10 19.09.02-1.jpg in slide show very blurry phone pic, but that's all I have so far, but I want the top and boots I mentioned ^^ there!

My lil love rode the train threw the mall! She was so cute :)

As I said before, my house is the sick house, My daughter was sick first, than my hubby.. and I have yet to get it... I feel like I'm thinking about it making myself sick though! My nose is stuffy and I'm just so worried I'm going to wake up each morning SUPER sick!  My race is tmrw and I think I'm going to make myself worse running in the cold! But This is a fun run and I need to do just that, not worry about times just have fun and enjoy it!

some food options I pretty much do daily and may change up a little:

Greek Yogurt. Trying flavored for the first time, as I only ate plain greek yogurt (to replace sour cream)

Topped with some griddle apples and cinnamon
or Banana's and cinnamon

Both with some flax seed too!

View 2013-01-04 12.05.49.jpg in slide show Tried Coconut vanilla, and Orange Cream.mmm
extra apples for my lil love, who loves apples!
View 2013-01-11 14.04.26.jpg in slide show Polish sausage and frozen veggies with lots of cayenne on top!

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