Monday, January 21, 2013

pancakes n crafts

Well Friday I did that county folk workout again (loading/unloading wood) and over did it! I sure did pay for it Saturday when I barely could move and my back hurt so bad! I needed to get as many loads into the basement because this week is suppose to be FREEZIN and I wasn't about to do it when its so  cold.  So for two lazy days on the weekend of pain, It back at it today for dietbet!
Photo: No need to waste money on the gym or p90x, just do the country workout and load/unload wood! By far the best workout! anyone wanna join?

Made my lil love the COOLEST pancake ever!
 Photo: Austyn has the coolest pancake making mom! am I a pretty sweet mom or what?  ya ya i know!

We also did a craft today for valentines,
Photo: Austyns valentine decoration craft, cute :) this is actually very big and hung it inside the empty frame that I change for every holiday.

its a big poster board, used painters tape to spell love and let her paint it all over with white and red paint.  Rip the tape off and Wala cute decoration!  oh yea and Added glue and some glitter on the inside of the heart too! 

That's all I have for pictures, so everything else is boring if there isn't a picture!

Have a great week!

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