Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spicy Spicy

I have a love for HOT STUFF....Seriously can eat everything spicy, and I love when my eye lids sweat.. HAHA  I know you have no idea what I mean, cus no one does when I tell them that, but it happens I swear!

So here is my latest addiction, thanks Pinterest I don't know what I'd do without you :*

Simple healthy version of Buffalo wings!
Buffalo Cauliflower

I know you can look up different kinds of ways to make it, here is one example
click here.  Or you can do it the lazy way which I do when I want it quick!

Boil some cauliflower just for a little so that you don't lose all the nutrients but you want it somewhat soft and hot. (the recipes call to dip it into flour mixture and bake it, I skip all that)

Than in a bowl I mix sweet baby rays buffalo wing sauce, with Franks EXTRA hot sauce together than toss the cauliflower in to coat it.  Than dip it into litehouse blue cheese which I add extra blue cheese crumbs too!

Than add some celery if you like too!!

Once again I don't have exact measurement's because I just do everything to taste so sorry!

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