Sunday, December 2, 2012

PR & 1st!

It's Christmas time, and I just love it!

Jingle Bell 5k was yesterday and I just thought it would be a fun one where we dress up and I do an OK job.... I know I have been doing around 30-31 mins on the treadmill but for some reason I do better outside so figured I'd get 29-30

Got lined up and my friends and I always repeat "why o why do we do this to ourselves, oh man, oh man, well here we go" hahaha That would be exactly what we say each and every start to every race!

I had a lady in front of me who I paced myself with the first 2 miles and than I was slacking behind so  I went really fast and caught up to her than slowed down for a bit again. She stayed right in front of me the entire time and I crossed the line seeing 26:53! I about died!!!!

Chip time of 26:42 I got a PR! Last year I did it in 28:40 something which was when I started Half Training so thought I would for sure not get that this year...well I guess I did and beyond!

GO ME! lol  1st Place in my age too!

Photo: 1st  place in my age group!!! Time of 26:53!!!! woohoooooo!

After the race I volunteered at The Festival of Tree's, They needed more volunteers so after switching a few times I ended up doing this....

 Yes that's me right behind my daughter! HAAAAAA oh boy, never did I think I'd be in costume, but really it was so fun! I would love to do that all the time! When can you make a fool of yourself and not one person knows who you are!

I had a lot of fun volunteering and than walked around and did some fun stuff with my lil love!

Not to mention we Adopted our Elf on the shelf too...WOw it was a busy day!

   Welcome "Bell" our  new addition, Full of magic and ready to watch my lil love be a good girl and report it to Santa!

So after racing, than Festival for hours, shopping and than had to grocery shop while I was out in the city...Today my body HURTS! Everything oh goodness! Couldn't sleep ugghhh! So bring on a lazy day, than back at some more running cus the Hot COCO run is coming up in Jan where you get a super sweet nike half zip hoodie thing! YAY!

Have a good weekend, and I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday month! I am loving it! Christmas spirit is in full force in this house hold!!!!!!

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