Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dietbet Results!

Ok wow, Starting with kinda crazy week!

First... DIETBET! SO sorry so long for the results

after seriously the longest wait, I finally got the payout. The dietbet ended on the 6th. and starting the next day you have 48 hours to weigh in. So that would make it on the 7th and 8th you can weigh in...well so You would think bright and early on the 9th we would get the results...NOPE! it took forever, I checked seriously every hour, and nothing! Ugh you know that feeling when your so excited and just cant wait, well that lasted a whole 3 hours, than it turned into I'M MAD, and its getting ridiculous!

Dietbet finally sent a message around 8pm saying they are getting a few things tied up and will get results in the next 24 hours... ANOTHER 24 HOURS, Your kidding right?! man o man, so it was a roller coaster of emotions that day lol all just for a dietbet haha..

Sunday morning we got the results!



As a group we lost over 5000 lbs, That's amazing! and just over half, 56% lost the 4%!

SaraHfit is starting another one on FEB 20th. CLICK HERE if you want to join that one!

I'm not so sure I will do another, unless I gain some pounds and really need to kick it in gear and lose 4%.

Saturday I had plans to go out with my group of friends to the movies, Well that changed when My little love started throwing up right as it was time for me to get ready and leave... :( So we spent about 8 hours of running to the bathroom each hour. Wow that was not fun!
passed out with her bucket...poor girl!

This also changed our Sunday Family Date too. We have a olive garden and toys-r-us gift card to use up and thought it would be a perfect date for lil love to get whatever she wants at the toy store, and than go out to eat, all FREE! well that will have to change to another day too!

Monday, OK Monday is better because I was given a gift in the mail that I get to review and than offer it to you guys! with a HUGE discount for you to purchase your very own! Check back for details!

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