Friday, March 23, 2012

people are watching you

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 On my personal facebook page, I have seen a few of my friends who post their runs. With a nike+ or other running apps. I have never been one to need people cheering me on to continue or help me with what I'm doing. I run and make healthier eating habits because I know it makes me happy, It makes me feel good and I just do it.  But after talking with my Bff, and her wanting to see my runs,  I searched for something to do just that. Something that I also could keep track and be able to look back and see what I did. I ended up finding !  When I log my runs/workouts, it posts to my Facebook page and blog. (love it, its like facebook but with all runners in your own area)
Now after, I am so glad that I started to shared it with my friends, dailymile friends and my blog followers. I now have people asking me running question! I have others telling me such great things that I have helped them with and got them motivated again.  Than there is some that never said anything but I see that they are getting back into running/working out!  I don't want to take the credit for it, but it wont hurt to hope that I helped in someway!
Its great seeing more and more people making healthier decisions! This is more than I expected, and I'm so thankful to help other's by just being me and doing what I love!
 So to the other people who think I'm crazy, who HATE seeing all my posts, and having my runs blowing up their news feed...TO BAD! There may be that ONE person reading and deciding to change their life too, and they may need that motivation from somewhere to get them where they want. Amazing, I love it!  I sure hope to make an impression and get more motivated!

So even if its the smallest thing you do or biggest...and to who ever it may be, from  it being the neighbor you always run by, your family or your friends on facebook...
 people are watching you everyday, don't ever think you don't make an impression!

FYI- They're watching you doing this too....sooo...I'd say look around before attempting to dig for gold!

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