Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful 8Miler + 2Miler-dreadmill

Yesterday I knew I had to do 10 miles, But didn't know it was going to be BEAUTIFUL outside! So I jumped into my jeep (I don't have a fancy running garmin) And drove around my blocks trying to figure out which one would be 10 miles! well.... First block I know is 3.1 miles because I walk that in the summer. So I went a few blocks around, that was 6 miles. So went a different way and got 8 miles.

 Driving seem WAY longer than actually running on the treadmill. It was a moment for me!  Made me realize that I run this crazy long distance, and that I could run to the next town and than back!

So I figured I would run the 8 miles. than pass my house and go to the mile point and run back.

So I packed my zip lock bag of swedish fish, carried my phone and carried half full bottle of water. Felt Like I needed a backpack! But I know I wouldn't like those belts people wear because everything annoys me when I run. Well it worked out just fine, although I'd be happier If my hubby would have just drove rode by me the whole way giving me things as I needed! lol

Once you start, well the good thing is you have to get back home, so your in for it!! Started ok! It was so nice outside, would have liked less wind, because yea my treadmill has no wind resistance ( OR HILLS)

I felt so lucky to be able to run the roads! I was on 3 main roads and one dirt road (mine) The whole time I only passed 6 vehicles, but 3 Rangers, 2 razors and 4 quads! You can tell its like the first nice spring day for us Michiganders in the boonies everyone was out riding!! Love living in the boonies for that reason!

The road to nowhere! But this was the only nice flat road!  truly felt like forest gump!

This would be a hill, with another hill following it, AHH

and the end of some hills! My dirt road has the most awful hills tho..(no pics)

Just so pretty! I'm so lucky to be able to run in this Nice fresh farm air...BAHA!

Well I ran the 8 miles finished that in 1hr24mins (amazing time for being first time outside and having wind and hills! (and taking pictures))  and yea didn't want to pass the house! so I went inside. took a drink, and went straight downstairs to run 2 more miles (22 mins) to finish the 10..  at this time I really think I was just a walking zombie, with no function, just kinda did it without thinking.      than .5 cool down!
I really felt great today, and proud once again to hit double digits! 2nd time! So glad to have ran outside and get off the treadmill! I for some reason do better outside, I always think I'm going slow but end up having great times... Crazy but Ill take it, cus races are outside!

Here is my recipe for these kind of Nice days!

View 2012-03-10 13.01.12-1.jpg in slide show              View 2012-03-10 13.00.57-1.jpg in slide show  (ice cube try pic is not loading :( boo, oh well you get it! )

Once again, I don't measure anything. I just kinda throw things together, well its just blended strawberries I'd say about 10 med sized, water (maybe 1/2 cup), 1 fresh squeezed lemon, and zero cal sweetener. Pour in ice tray, freeze.

Than I put water, 1 lemon, and sweetener in glass and some strawberry ice cubes! It was good, but I needed more sweetener to make it really good!! I love lemon water so this just makes it better!!  Also cant wait to try other berries!

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