Friday, March 30, 2012


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Next week is the week of
  from blogger jess

What's a virtual race? A virtual race is running a specified distance (timed) without being present in the actual race location. and can I add FREE!

DATE: Anytime during Easter week, April 1-8, 2012 (Sunday-to-Sunday)
LOCATION: Choose the event that works best for your current fitness level.Pick your favorite local route or just hop on a treadmill.EVENTS:
- Run 5K (3.1 miles)
- Run 10K (6.2 miles)
- Run Half-Marathon (13.1 miles)
- Bike 21K (13 miles)You may participate in more than one event. Earn 1 point for each event completed.

You earn points which get you into a drawing for prizes! yes PRIZES! YOU CAN WIN STUFF! Who doesn’t like to win? Good prizes too, go check it out!!

Click  Here for more info and to sign up!   

This will be my second Virtual Race, and I signed up for both the 5k and 10k!     

  Speaking of Jelly beans, WHICH ARE MY FAV. (the starburst kind) and may I add its been FOREVER since I had them...errggg! I'll talk about FUEL! Yes candy as fuel...mmm one reason I run long distance, you get to eat candy! 
Whether you’re a professional athlete who trains for several hours or you have a low to moderate routine, keep your body hydrated with small, frequent sips of water.
You don’t need to eat during a workout that’s an hour or less. But, for longer, high intensity vigorous workouts, eat 50-100 calories every half hour of carbohydrates such as raisins, an energy bar or banana.
(or be cool like most runners and choose candy :) )

 When I say fuel, I mean to fuel your body during your run!  
 I have never fueled before, or even drank water during exercise or running. But now that I am running longer than ever before...I need/have to! I also after a run of 6 or more miles get super sick and weak. So I have no choice but to try different things to see what works for me. 

        SkinnyRunner and started off with Swedish Fish. She runs all the time crazy distances... marathons almost every weekend and just amazing what she can do, so I thought who better than to copy! Never have I ever even ate Swedish fish...but ooo yumm they're good and also the cheapest! I don't get sick after when I fuel with them, so A+!

Shot blocks, honey stingers, and sport beans.the sport beans were my favorite! Also I like that the honey stingers are all natural. Shot blocks are big gummy squares, I think I'd be picking my teeth the whole race (which might get my mind off things?) but who knows!! Everyone has to find what works for them and what doesn't. I heard of all kinds of different things to try but these are my favorite!

If you could eat a whole bunch of any candy and never see weight change from it, or health issues... What would it be?!


  1. How about chocolate? Does that count as candy? Because definitely peanut butter M+M's! :)


    1. OOOO yumm, YES now chocolate I could go forever with a list! almond joys, reeses....mmmmmMm


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