Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Michigan Crazy weather!

Well today it was 65 outside! (Well thats what my Jeep said) 65!!!, yes 65! That's awesome, even though we had the BEST (warmest) winter for what seems like since forever, I am sooo excited for warm weather!

1- More outside run's- (or walks when I have to push a stroller) at this awesome new trail that I found near me!
2- Get rid of this Ghost white skin of mine! I swear my skin is horrible in winter! Break out's- dry...ehh just bad!
3- SWIMMING! my daughter is a fish and loves water so will be exciting!
4- Clean my jeep out! I refuse to do it in the cold!
5- Open windows and get fresh air!
6- Play outside more = extra exercise!
7- Riding! 4wheeler and Ranger, was so much fun last summer,  every night we took a ranger ride through our property! So nice!

ill end on 7 cus thats my fav #! lol

SO TODAY was my day off but with this nice weather I went Diamond trail! Its a mile loop. Very pretty, goes through some woods and pretty much is in a huge open field! Just heard of it late last year, so excited to run it in the spring/summer!

 Walked 2 miles! Than did a photo shoot! lol

My lil love! all bundled up likes its 20 out! But she said her baby doll was wearing jammies soo was cold and needed the blanket!

 Couldn't figure out which one I liked best cus really its windy and were walking, not being/looking like super models today!

on this trail they have little wood posts that each have a different name on it, for a "in memory of" type thing. and they are all along the trail, so that's where I set the camera up! (and why the pictures are angled!)

Went to subway after! Seriously I crave subway everyday or at least think about it once in my day! Im addicted! Which is crazy because I didn't like subway that long ago, I could only handle it once every other month or so! But NOPE not now!! lol I try making it myself and of course never tastes like it!
This is what my fav. sub looks likes, veggies falling out everywhere and hard to eat!

and my love again!

Dinner: Homemade chicken noodle soup....ooooooo yummmmmmm!

it was really good!!

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(Recipe below in comments)

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  1. I was asked about the recipe for the chicken noodle soup and if it was a special healthy one.
    -No, its not a special healthy one, but really it's naturaly a healthy meal and low calorie!

    I'm no fancy cook or anything, so I just threw it together with a few things, and I didn't measure any of it. So started with a little vegetable broth, I cut up some white onion, celery and carrots. Cooked that for a bit so they would get soft. Added a large can of chicken broth, pinch of basil and black pepper. Cut up some chicken skinless boneless tenders into bite sizes (getting rid of any of the little nasty fat pieces) Put that in, let it boil up until chicken was done. NO i didn't time anything either! In different pan boiled the noodles, drained, than added it to the pot.let it all simmer and Waala. Pretty easy soup!!! Very tasty too, Even my hubby ate it (which is crazy)
    Unsure of calories. Most the cals will come from the noodles and depending how much chicken you use. I didn't have much chicken to use maybe a cup and half all chopped up total for the whole pot. Broth is 10 cals or 1cup and veggies pretty much nothing!


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