Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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  So I did 1-2-3 Intervals  yesterday that I read from my Women's running mag for training for a half!
Interval training can be your best choice for improving fitness, developing running economy, and getting faster!  It also helps burn cals and ....

 So I'll give you an example you can follow!

(I added .5mile warm up before (speed 4, 7:30mins) and .5 cool down after.)

10 Min Jog (5.5speed)

(x2-do these 2 times)
1min-Hard Run (7.2)
1min-Easy Jog (5.2)
2min-Hard run (7.2)
2min-Easy jog (5.2)
3min-Hard Run (7.2)
3min-Easy Jog (5.2)

6min jog. (5.5)

55mins-4.942 miles

Change your speed to your pace.  Easy Jog for you should be where your able to talk without problem.  Hard run- Where you wouldn't be able to hold a conversation.

Some funnies:
 REALLY? Come on! I sure hope she ran a marathon earlier that day!

This would be my worst nightmare! OH MY GOODNESS!

 hmmmm how did this get here???? LOL Oh, Channing you don't need to run to look sexy to me, although it is a added bonus!

ok these are NOT funny, they are sad, and all the reason to make me get off my boo-tay and do something!


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