Sunday, March 18, 2012

1st 10k!

Yesterday I had my first 10k!  leprechaun loop!

Got there early picked up my packet realized they had me down as being 24...I know that the cut off for age groups is usually 20-24 25-29 so I didn't want to be grouped with the speed demon 20 year olds who are in collage track teams! lol  so I let them know and they said oh no that's not the cut off so your fine and we will leave I just blew it off, oh well I guess I can be a year younger today! :)

Standing at the start line, oh man. Every race I ask myself why o why am I doing this? Can't I back out? Really.........ah!

It was a foggy day, which was a bummer because we ran along the water, and under the bridge. I couldn't see it until I was right under it :(   This race was also a 5k and a 2k walk.  the race i did last year it was a loop and the 10k'ers would run the 5k twice. So I thought all along I'd be able to see what my time was once I hit the 3.1 mark to looped back around. Well this race at a point they had the 5k'ers go one way and the 10k'er go another. So I was bummed I had no idea how my time was, no idea if I was keeping good pace. I knew I walked for a few seconds to get a drink two times.. It felt like forever long after I was just running with the 10k'ers we just kept going further when I knew we still had to turn around and run back ..AH!

Anyways I was feeling good. I didn't feel the need to give up and jump in the water for a dip or sit down with all the fishermen and catch me some dinner.  I was getting closer and closer, and finally got to a point where I saw the finish line than I saw that nice little clock....and all I read was 53:xxx something! offical time 53.56! Which I had a goal of doing it in 66 mins, and a Ultimate goal of 58 mins.....  That would be holding out a 6.9 speed on the treadmill the whole 6miles!
SOO SOOOO SOOO not was I was thinking at all! Just so amazing, I was so nervous for this race, all to Smash my time, like by a lot! Simply amazing, It makes me so proud of myself and I know I can do anything and all this hard work is for sure showing and paying off!! Than of course I had to see what my 5k time would have been and it would have been 26mins! WOW, my PR was 28mins and I ran slower knowing I had to last for 6 miles rather than only 3. Ugghh Makes me want to run a 5k now!

Now it was time for them to call the winners and give medals. At this time they didn't have the results up for the 10k so it was all a surprise. They get to the 20-24 age group and OF COURSE, who's 2nd place? ME! yes the NOT 24 year old! SO I walked up there and said No no, they have my age wrong, and she just looked at me and said oh well..second place is yours! uhghhh I feel horrible knowing I took the medal of someone else who this might have been her first time running or first race or first medal. I seem to always have some problem with all the races I do!!! My last race I ran it awesome, I was so proud turned around went to go get my friend and bring her to the finish line. Found out my chip didn't work but they had a picture with me running with my friend so put my time down as a few seconds after my friend that I went back to get!!! Even after I told them what the time said when I crossed! lol but hey they are all small town races and they do the best they can!

Here I am after the race. I didn't have anyone there to take pics while I ran the race :(  

Also This happened...ahhh my poor arm was stinging me afterwards :( View 2012-03-17 12.37.31-1.jpg in slide show
Now the next day my body hurrttts! Every muscle, I really need to start doing more outside runs to build all the other muscles that I don't on the treadmill!

Hope you all had a great St. Patty's day!!  See if the luck of the irish are in your favor...

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