Friday, May 4, 2012

30 day challenge day 1

My race day picture...HAHAHA!

click here  for my race recap!

Today I am finally feeling recovered from my race Saturday! I was limping all around the day of and day after, ugghh! But Hey I finished one goal and now starting another challenge! For some reason I always have to give myself something to do, not just do normal workout's with no end or finish or goal.

So my goal is to finish 30 days of workouts challenge!

So I got the 30 day shred, and I'll mix that with 6 week 6pack, and also with some running, and maybe a few days of yoga and a zumba class (more about the yoga below)  

I took measurements and pictures that hopefully if they are awesome results like they say you'll get Ill post them with after shots at the end!

Today was day I, I might have over did it because I was dying to get back into doing something with 5 days off of nothing but bad eating and no workouts!

I did BOTH 6w6p and 30DS! It was a lot different than running, while running I don't get my heart rate up to that point I guess? I don't know just running to me is easier than this, but it wasn't to outta control where I didn't feel like I'd do another day! Also Jillian can get annoying (which I read in reviews) So I just had music on also!

And Its great because I did it while my daughter was up! I always ran while she was sleeping, but I'll be able to get these done anytime I want! Great start so far....let's hope it lasts and I get better at it! (I can't even do a push up so maybe at the end I will be able to! HAHAHA)

Oh yea yoga DVD.... I thought yoga meant like getting to relax and clear you mind... well that DVD SUCKED, it was so hard! I couldn't finish some moves, and after one day I didn't wanna do another day! I didn't want hard work, I wanted it for my days off to do a little something.. So maybe I wanted a stretching DVD? HAHA I love stretching and it doesn't feel like WORK!

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