Monday, May 21, 2012

Packed last 4 days!

Phhhewww I finally can take a deep breath again! I've been so busy and rushed around it seems the last few days! or week!

Took my little love to the park Thurs and Friday! Spoiled!
Than Saturday she went to Nana's and Grandpa's for the whole  day while I went to a relay for life walk, and a jewelry party later!  All while My hubby was at a benefit, and won her all kinds of presents! WAY SPOILED!

  Austyn & Turbo being a princess! With her new stuff!

Picked her up Sunday for our Sunday BBQ, Our neighbors have a pool, so she got to swim ALL DAY, seriously all day, She wouldn't get out! She might just be part fish, Part BRAT and SUPER SPOILED!  
Pretty much got fried and look like a tomato again for the second weekend in a row! Maybe Ill be tan soon?
 Riding in a bikini, let alone be in a bikini all day.... not really something I'd do, But thank goodness my friends don't judge! HAHA or they might but hey they can BITE ME! haha I have all kinds of stretchmarks but I'm just at the point of if you don't like how I look, DONT LOOK! lol!  I need a tan, so ill be sporting my itty bitty bikini every hot day!  My hubby and daughter love me even if it does look like I got into it with a tiger, and my skin wrinkles...that's all I care about!

 Than Again today, took her back swimming! really we just floated around on a raft, and the sun kept hiding making us cold, so we went back home :(

30 day challenge!!

I am on day 17? I did 15 days straight (half way) than took a day off, Saturday the day of the walk. I'm so glad because my foot (from hurting it at my half) feels WAY BETTER! I can finally walk on my heel and not just my toes! I have lost 4 pounds, which is like normal because I gained 4 the week after the half just from not watching what I eat. So I lost that right away. My muscles are way better, and I work so much more than what running does. I can't wait still to add some running in though and get some better results, I just might do another 30 days after these and start adding running!

Austyn doing the cool down! HA!
By the looks of it, I need to do my once a year daily vacuum of the carpet before we workout!

Our photo shoot after one of the workouts..sweaty n sexY!

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