Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Sexy momma's day!!

Happy Mother's day to all the Sexy Momma's, Grandma's and Mommies-To-Be!!!!
Everyday is MILF day!

Today I woke up to Breakfast in bed, and some sweet cards from my two loves!

Rewind to yesterday...
When I ran my race I got a $20 off a hour Yesterday My BFF "M" and I went..ahhh yes it was nice and much needed. It was the first massage I got, where every single muscle in my body hurts so it felt wonderful!  Also I love time with my BFF, I hope that everyone has a friend like mine. We share the same interest about health and could talk all day about it (which is like my fav thing to talk about! And my other friends think I'm  nuts, or don't get any of it!) We have so much in common, think alike about everything, and I feel we have a perfect "two way street" friendship!  My hubby and M  seriously are my biggest supporters and encourager's! O a lil secret- My hubby also told me that while I was running my half, He was sitting down eating with my fan's (you can see them all here) and all M could talk about it how proud she is of me and kept talking me up to everyone!!! He said I really do have a great Best friend!

 It really is a day I'll never forget and I'm so thankful for such great people in my life, that really knew what was so important to me!

ok ok SOOO with a great BFF day, Back home it was Daddy daughter day, and when I got home, of course She can't hide anything, and first thing she says is We got you a present momma! lol Which is what Austyn says to Him when her and I make him a fun craft or something when he comes home from work! But she was suppose to hide it for today! lol oh well she did and I woke up to a super cute card that she picked and one that hubby picked!

Of course she picked puppies! He said she also wanted to get me dolls! (smart girl so really she is getting the present!)

Here is the Hubby's card... This is so cute, if you knew my hubby, he's not the greatest at spelling and writing, but he said he looked for the perfect quote online! Hehehe love it!  True love is the color that never fades!

And than she made me a cake! Yes its moon sand with a marker cap as a candle with some toy in it! LOVE IT! It the little presents that mean so much more than anyone could buy!!

Its day 10 of 30 in my 30 day challenge! Off to do my workout and than the weekly Sunday BBQ! Have a great day everyone!!!

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