Friday, June 8, 2012

I am alive!

Well its depressing when you can't run!! I had all these races I wanted to just crush my PR's this summer, but you cant always get what you want :(

30 day challenge, well day 21 was my last.
 I needed to do the smart thing and I'm resting completely from any exercise to make sure my foot is healing. I rather be off for a month or two than to never be able to run again.  We had a fun packed few weeks tho!

Went to Henry Ford Museum, and the Titanic Exhibit

 Glad I rested for a week than came, So  I could see if my foot was feeling better which it is, but now I think its just in my head that it hurts and every other joint in my body. OLD AGE! lol

So now that the rest week is over I'm still trying to do something just gotta take it slow,

I got a trailer, and finally got the part to hook it up to my bike! So Now we are going to bike rides! Which doesn't hurt my foot, (YET?) ugh I don't hope we will see!
Went to some parks with my love!

And of course swam with my fish!

I can't wait for these sweaty days to come back!!!
This was me after my first day doing level 2 of 6week6pack! KILLER forsure! 

But for now off to a carnival, than a bike ride!

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