Monday, June 11, 2012

bike, wedding, bday

ok yea you will hear it a lot but, I really love my bike n trailer! I went on a 6 mile ride Friday night, which seems to always be a killer with the gravel and hills. Although One road is dreamy because its all packed down!

Today was suppose to rain and looked like it was going to the whole day (yea..IT NEVER DID) so I decided to not get stuck in a storm and stayed in. Also cus my daughter was sick throwing up last night and this morning.. so Not a good idea. She took plenty of naps so I made my way down stairs did 6week6pack level 2, than few hours later some total gym, ab work and planks all not using my foot!

 I have no pictures of me so here are some ideas! LOL

lol I'm hoping tmrw I will feel nothing in my foot and my running life will return! This little break was good though, I'v been stuck on that treadmill for months...years really! and never took a break from it for over a year and half, so I was due for some down time. It also made me get out and enjoy other workouts which now I can add and not bore myself and get a better all over workout!

I am busy every weekend until Sept! So..
this weekend we had a wedding, fun time!
  aww we're cute! Yes I love this one! Maybe because my hair is super long (Thank goodness I'll never cut it short again and it took prolly two plus years to get it long again!) or the fact it looks like we have fake teeth?

Photo: Bahahah I love this one! I really want a pair of black glasses now! lol

Less than a month until my daughter's b-day! I keep thinking this yet not getting stuff together! Maybe I should get on that...

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