Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 day Ab Challenge

Well its about that time to start following a challenge! I'v been just doing some things here and there after taking all the resting from my foot, but never just jumped full back into a routine. I have vacation in a little over a month so I need to do something!

It's seems it's a lot easier to be motivated before summer, because  your getting ready for summer and your results will show during summer. Once summer hit's its just not so motivating because by now your just going to look the way you do, and if you start something now your not seeing any results until after summer! lol  Or is this just how I see it? No idea! But also keeping up on your workouts equals out with all the bad eating that happens at BBq's and Birthdays!

During the weekend I got some running in, I keep up'ing my distance by very little. Than the week started off Great, I did two levels of 30 day shred and also added a bike ride. Than yesterday we went to Crossroad Village & Huckleberry railroad, which was lots of walking!

Photo: Chooo chooo train ride! My daughter and I on the Train!

 boat ride!
 finish with a horsey a skirt...yes! lol This one went so fast and so high up I had to ride with her!

So I just saw this July 30 day challenge that RunToTheFinish is doing...

The Abs Challenge is based upon the Strong Like Susan 30 Day Challenge! She has 30 videos which provide you with daily exercise or clean eating tips on the rest days. The reason I selected this program is because these moves are NEW and DIFFERENT. You may have seen some of them, but I doubt you are doing many of these very often so they should be great for giving you a kick start!

click here to check out her page and sign up!!

Off to do some kind of workout, I'm not sure what I wanna do yet! lol Than swimming and tanning its going to be over 95 degrees here today! AHH!

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