Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm not one to beat around the bush and lie and say parenting is easy...It's hard and really tests your patients! Kids go threw crazy stages where you want to pull your hair out! And its ok to have break downs, cus we all do!

 Crabby-ness is not something I deal with well, and shes been crabby for so long now. In that stage of "I cant's", being super bossy, and just not listening! WOOOWW!  

I don't know why they say terrible 2's but I swear its terrible 3 weeks before turning 3's that are HORRIBLE!

How do people have more than one kid..let alone 3 or 4 kids each in some different bad stage (teenager, toddler, and up all night new born? Yeeeaaa riighhttt!) .... oh what crazy people!

Photo: Sheri!!!!

Now this week has been a whole different story!

It has been the best week! Well hey not with working out or really eating so healthy....but My daughter has been a dream this week!

And with her being so sweet and not so crabby...

1. Feel like I don't want to strangle someone by the time 5pm hits...
2. We get (or I want) to do more fun things like go to the park, do lots of on
3. get my husband to hang out with my more since im not crabby! lol

Most of all, I feel like a better mom! Sometime when your so frustrated and need to just take a vacation in the bathroom (yes going pee is like vacation! that is if you get to by yourself) you feel like such a big fail..or bad mom, its no fun..

So all happy-ness this week,
Let's see how long this lasts!

With that being said, Here is my little love...

She loves airplane rides..

 and she thinks she gives me one too!

I practiced making a small monster cake for her monster Bday party in three weeks! I just couldn't see paying the money for someone else to make, if I can try and do it. It turned out good, and really its so hot on her bday it will prolly melt so no need to spend a million dollars!

Ill have to make a whole post with all my monster ideas for her party!

She was so cute that while we were watching a movie she said "momma I hold urs hand" uhhhhh melted my heart!

All these moments make up for all the crabby moments, I wouldn't change anything! Being a mom has it challenges, but has such better rewards!

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