Monday, April 23, 2012

Week of my Half...Whats Next?!

Its Monday... The Week of my Very first Half Marathon! It's still crazy even saying the word marathon, and when its about me being in it! 17 weeks of training and following a plan and sticking to it, all for one day!

Although I'm super nervous of...parking, how early I need to get there, traffic with all these people being there, where my family should watch, what to eat before-during-after, if what I decided to wear will be to cold...EVERYTHING...I'm also thinking

What do I do after this?!

I know I'll be running a few 5k's here and there but, I want something more than just running! Maybe to give some different results than what running did for me....

So I'm looking for something that I could still do some runs, But want some kind of other exercise program to do inbetweeen. I have been considering doing 30 day shred, insanity, or some kick boxing dvd I saw....ahh no idea!  I just wouldn't do exactly what they tell me to do, cus I will want to add running into it! hmmm...

I think I'm going to combine jillians 30 day shred, 6week 6pack and running. We will see how this goes! But first HALF MARATHON BABY!! Lets hope this wind stays away!

HAPPY Birthday to my BFF Jamie today!!

Jamie and I this past weekend for her bday party!

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