Friday, April 27, 2012

expo..race tmrw!

OMG it's tomorrow!!!

So I went to the expo yesterday. This is my first big race, where they even have a expo! I didn't even know what a expo was until now! I guess really I learned a lot during this training about the whole running world! 

I was shocked at all the things they had for sale

And all the vendor's that were there, lot's of giveaways let's hope I win some!

Than I made it to the boards where you needed to find your name and remember your number to go pick up your packet. Well there was SOOOOO many names! I know I have a common last name, but at my other races I'm lucky if there is one more miller....NOT THIS ONE! A whole list of Miller's!

2460, my new lucky number! lol

 Oh yea so they told me that on the bottom of the bib is a free drink, slice of pizza, and a gear check in to drop all your stuff off and pick it back up after the race...but than I looked and it said Child check???? REally? races have child check like see ya later kids ill be gone for 2 hours? crazy!

 picked up my packet,  everything came in this cool bag. (all races I went to had like plastic grocery bags!) O and also the chip is on my bib number! different, I usually have a chip you put on your shoe!

cool fancy material shirt
So its offical, I'm all ready for the race!  Drowning myself in water and trying to rest up!!

a sneek peek of the Cutest spectator ever!!  This race is helping childhood obesity and promoting life-long fitness..So here is her sign for all the runners!  I do believe every runner inspires all the children in their lives!

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