Thursday, April 5, 2012


So this week I know I mentioned is

 I signed up for the 5k and 10, Than I realized that this weekend I have to do 12 miles so I'll just warm up for .5 and cool down for .6 and I can race in the 13.1 Half marathon also! :) 3 virtual races within a  week! Never in a million years did I think I would even think to do that, or be able to!

I did my 10k Sunday, the first day of the jelly bean.  Tuesday did my 5k and Saturday Ill be doing the half. I kept it simple and low today I did .5 warm up and .5 cool down and a 2mile run. I never really do 2 miles ,but I need to save all my running for Saturday...Which will be my longest run to date!

My lil love and I went to McD's where my cousin had a lil get together n some cupcakes for her sons Bday
And also had foam decorating Eggs for Easter!

Than we went to my Aunt and uncles house after for some pony rides!

This pic taken right after the Horse bucked with me on it! AH! Yup such a cowgirl...NOT but I do LOVE my cowgirl boots (should have worn them today to give a real cowgirl look) so I'd say I'm a "country" girl....but For sure not a pro with the horseback riding lol, although I'd love to look real fancy with my boots and riding really fast and roping cows but one can only dream!
  And Finished the day playing with the Easter bunny!

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